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Crossfit Games Open Registration Begins Tomorrow – February 1st!

On February 22, 2012, the Crossfit Games Open – the first stage of the Crossfit Games – will begin and San Francisco Crossfit will again be a qualified affiliate. Just like last year, this is your opportunity to compete in the Games and see how you fare against the projected 100,000 other competitors worldwide. The Open will be five workouts over a 5-week period, with a workout being published each Wednesday, beginning February 22nd. Competitors have until the following Wednesday to complete the workout, submit their score, and have it validated.

Registration Process

If you plan to compete in the Open at SFCF, you will need to complete a 2-step registration process:

(1)  Register Here at the Crossfit Games website on or after February 1st and identify SFCF as your affiliate AND,

(2) Email at SFCF to let us know you plan to compete this year.

The cost to register on the Games website is $10 and the cost to compete this year at SFCF will be $50 ($10/workout).

Here’s how it will work at SFCF:

We will be doing the Open WODs on FRIDAY NIGHTS from 6-8 or 5-8 depending on how many athletes register

Each time you compete, you’ll also need to judge another athlete.

We will be scheduling the heats in advance this year so you will know when you are judging and when you are working out – you will be expected to come early, warm up, and be ready to go at your scheduled heat time.

If you are out-of-town or can’t make one of the Friday workouts, we will help you figure out another time to complete the workout.

We will validate your score.

If you want to do the Open workouts but you don’t want to be a part of this Games scene, we’ll also be running the workout as our Saturday 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. group class workout but that will not be a judged/validated workout.

We plan to have a post-WOD potluck on Friday nights and a movie night after the last WOD in March.

We had a lot of competitors last year and we hope a lot of you will join the fun this year!

Get Unglued By Karla On Fridays – You Can Now Book Online!

Hey SFCFers!  Our own Karla Ferguson will be available for ungluing treatments in Kelly’s office on Fridays starting next week, February 3rd.   $75 for 1-hour, $105 for 90 minutes.  You can now book online HERE.

New Classes Starting Monday, February 6th

By popular demand, we are now adding 5 p.m. classes on Mondays and Wednesdays with Coach Nate which will mean we have a 5 p.m. 5x/week.   The first class will start on Monday, February 6th.   See you there!

Monday, January 23rd Schedule Update!

Please note that the 7 p.m. class tonight is cancelled because we are having a very belated SFCF Staff holiday party!  6 p.m. class is on as scheduled.

SFCF Athlete Warrington Parker Makes A Splash In the Crossfit Journal

Our own Warrington Parker made his Crossfit Journal debut this week with his article about the beginners perspective to starting Crossfit.   He tells his own experience about getting started after being a desk-jockey working as a lawyer for many years and gives great tips and advice for coaches and owners to keep new athletes coming back.   Here is a snippet of the article:

A little more than two years ago, I attended my first CrossFit class. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My friend, who suggested I go, called it “bootcamp.” He said he loved it because it lasted an hour, there was some stretching, and the workouts were short. That’s all I knew about CrossFit. Nothing more.

 I also knew I needed some form of exercise badly. I was 44 years old. I had played rugby until I was 41. I had barely exercised between the ages of 41 and 44. I had gained enough weight—well, a lot of weight—so I could no longer run without pain. From rugby, my back was so stiff I could barely bend over to pick up things. I felt old. I felt stuck. No team sports. Lifting weights alone would not fix things, and running any long distance was out of the question.

 Today, I find myself thinking about what it was like as a CrossFit beginner and what made me come back time and again. In this article, I share those thoughts in hopes that a view from a “consumer” will help affiliate owners, coaches and other beginners.

Read The Full Article Here

Way to go Warrington!