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Mental Toughness and the Crossfit Games Open 2014

stevoMental Toughness and the Crossfit Games Open with Coach Stevo

“The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.” -Robert Jordan
Every year, thousands of Crossfit athletes test themselves with five weeks of workouts designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. This year the threshing season starts on March 6th, and San Francisco Crossfit has a secret weapon: Coach Stevo! Now with an actual Masters Degree in Sport Psychology!
Starting on February 27th, Stevo will be hosting a weekly workshop to help athletes who would like to prepare for the mental challenge of the Crossfit Games Open. Topics will include, goal setting, reflection, focus, and resiliency. There will be activities, challenges, and an open environment for discussing how to get the most out of the Games, even if you’re just doing it for fun. Athletes of all skill levels are welcome and may join for any of the classes they wish during the Open for $19, or all 6 workshops for $99.
Thursdays 2/27-4/3
$19 per class, $99 for all 6.
All Members welcome. Please Sign Up HERE.

Crossfit Games Open Registration Begins January 15th!

f3584134e7f293d2290d285ef6a32a1f-605x312The Games Season is almost upon us.  We will be hosting an Informational Meeting Thursday, February 6th at 8pm. The meeting is geared towards those who have never participated before. If you were in the Open last year, the event will function the same.  The way the Open will work at SFCF:  We will host the Open WOD every Saturday evening through the Open Season from 4-6 p.m.   This is a really fun, competitive, and supportive event and we have a potluck during/after.  We will have the SFCF staff on hand to judge and cost to participate is $10/WOD or $50 for the whole Open Season.  If you want to try out the Open Workouts but don’t care to do it in a formal judged environment, we will be programming the Open WODs as the Saturday Morning Level 1 classes.   If you want to participate in the Saturday evening Group WODs, you will need to:

 1.  Register for the Open starting on January 15th.   We will circulate the registration link once it is posted.   The cost to register for the Open through Crossfit last year was $20. Expect a similar charge this year.

2.  Email Lara to sign up to participate in the Saturday night WODs –

You can read more about the upcoming Open Season HERE.