Monday, July 31st 2017


A) Gymnastics Skill: 10-8-6-4-2 strict HSPU

After each set 15 sec L sit hold

Then rest 30-60 secs before next round

*12 minute cap

B) Partner WOD

2 rounds for time of:

24 power snatches (115/75lb)-2 Suicide sprints-24 power clean and jerks-2 suicide sprints

*20 minute cap

*One person rests while other works. Break up reps as desired between partners.

*On Suicide sprints, one partner does one full suicide sprint and then the other partner does the second one


A) Deficit strict HSPU B) 1435/95lb

Metcon Class 

A) 100 wallballs for time

EMOM buy in alternating between

1) 5 burpees 2) 5 pullups or ring rows

 5 minute rest

B) 4-5 rounds not for time

50ft backwards sled drag-100ft slamball carry (50-100lb)-30 second hollow hold