Saturday, August 12th 2017


A) With a partner
200m farmer’s carry
50 double unders
40 overhead squats (115/75lb)
50 double unders
30 hand-release push ups
400m run

B) 10 min death by burpee box jump

*Starting with 3 reps, moving up by 1 each minute.

*If you fail to complete the reps, rest one minute, then continue 1 rep below where you failed.


70 double unders, (135/95lb), and HSPU

Metcon Class 

A) 3x

5-10 chin ups superset with 5-10 dips

B) 6x 3 min on 2 min off
alternating between

 1)  200 m sprint, AMRAP 10 db snatches, 5 weighted sit up

2)  250 m row, AMRAP 5 burpees, 8 weighted box step ups