Friday, October 6th 2017


A) Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes complete 10-15 pushups + 5-10 strict pullups

B) I-go-you-go with partner:

30 kb snatches (53/35lb) -35/30 calorie row

Then 20 kb goblet cleans-25/20 calorie row

Then 10 double clean and jerks-15/10 calorie row.


*So partner A completes 30 kb snatches (15/arm from a swing) + 35/30 cal row. Then partner B completes that.

Then partner A completes 20 kb goblet cleans+25/20 calorie row, then partner B completes that, etc etc.


A) deficit or weighted pushups and strict CTB

Metcon Class 

30 minute AMRAP:

20 db box step overs (20/18″ box) (35/25lb)-50ft duck walk-20 toes to bar-50 ft bear crawl-20 jumping air squats-50ft crabwalk