Wednesday, November 29th 2017


A) 4×6 Romanian deadlifts, stop 1 inch off ground.

Superset with 50ft weighted duck walk

B) 6×2 min on 1 min off:

AMRAP 8 alternating db snatch (50/35lb) + 8 box jump overs+ 8 pushups

*Start the next round where you left off

Metcon Class 

A) 4 rounds of 4 minutes on 2 minutes off

Rounds 1 and 3: Run 600m + max slamballs (40/30lb) in remaining time

Rounds 2 and 4: Run 600m + max slamball over shoulder (50-100lbs) in remaining time.

 B) For quality:

30 V-ups-30 hollow rocks-30 strict toes to bar