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Max Conserva- Coach Profile

Coach Max at the Crossfit Games.

Coach Max at the Crossfit Games.

When did you first get involved in Crossfit, and what brought you to it?

I first got involved in Crossfit January 2012. My roommate had been a member of San Francisco CrossFit for years and it had always sounded interesting but due to the issues with my leg I thought it wasn’t for me. My roommate told me that his coach (Kelly) was a physical therapist and was interested in having a look at my case. Still I hesitated. Then my roommate bought me a one-on-one with Kelly for my birthday and finally I was left with no excuses.

What stood out during my meeting with Kelly was the concept of movement strategies. I had never heard anyone talk like this before. He floated the idea of trying different movement strategies to help solve some of my issues. Some of those strategies had nothing to do with my compromised knee or ankle.

We talked about different styles of squatting, pose walking/running, etc. I had walked in with a very high bar for CrossFit to jump over, specifically,  “How is this going to generate a direct positive result for my leg?” Kelly offered up a different threshold with, “If we optimize the movement of the rest of your body, we can give your injured leg the best chance to succeed”. This was a much lower bar. It sounded plausible so I signed up for the basics course that day.

What does a normal training week look like for you? 

What I prize most is consistency, learning and incorporating movement into my day as much as possible. If these criteria are met I almost don’t really care what the actual activity is for my specific “training”.

I concentrate on having a good physical practice (not my word). To me a good physical practice means: mobilizing for 15 mins when I wake up; commuting with my bike rather then my car; making sure I brake up sedentary portions of my day; giving myself time before training to warm up and be conscious about the skills I’ll be practicing; training at some point during the day; mobilizing 15 mins before I go to bed.

If I’ve nailed all these aspects then I know I am doing fitness well. Which training activity I do is almost an afterthought: Standard level 1, MetCon, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Running, Cycling, Swiming, Tennis, Yoga. There is so much to learn in each discipline, I value it all.

What inspires you?

In general I’m inspired when I have a chance to share my unique knowledge with others and in turn I am inspired when others share their unique knowledge with me. The subject almost doesn’t matter. Passion makes anything interesting.

What inspires me within CrossFit is learning novel ways to complete tasks. Learning that there are different movement patterns to get to the same end point. As someone with a physical impairment sometimes the most obvious movement strategy is blocked so I need to discover an alternate one: e.g. shift my hips a different direction, stagger my feet, use my arms as a counter weight, etc. It’s like I’m playing chess with a few pieces missing so I need to be more competent and more creative with the pieces that I do have.

If you could say anything to the members at SFCF, what would it be?

Get more sleep, it makes everything better :)

Francisca Espejo Member Profile

FranciscaWhat’s your name? And what do you go by?

My name is Francisca Espejo a.k.a. “Frani”. Chilean, came to SF nine months ago, my husband got an offer and we decided that it was a good idea to live a few years abroad.

I’m a UX designer unfortunately, not allowed to work here.

So I have been learning english, and training a lot. From my POV training at SFCF is nothing but an opportunity and I’m willing to make the most of it :) .

How did you come across CrossFit, and what did you like about it?

Two years ago I was into running, until my knees started to hurt, by that same time I was diagnosed with prediabetes. I was missing work out until one day I found a CrossFit affiliate really near by (this was super lucky, by this time there were only 4 affiliates in Chile) did a little research here and there, and signed up for a class.

I’ve never been so sore.

Then my husband proposed.

I’ve never been so sore.

What I really like is the challenge of improving every day, and the community that builds around CrossFit.

As you get to know the workouts and the movements you can actually start tracking what you are doing and how are you doing it, from that point it gets really interested, there is a lot to learn by doing in CrossFit.

Community is what drag me in at the end, the fact that every box I’ve been people will cheer you up until you settle that last rep, is just amazing. And we all know it doesn’t end there, as we cheer each other we become friends, and that transcends the limits of “workout” if you think of this term only as a training routine.

What does a normal training week look like for you?

I like to take different kinds of classes, usually I plan for two or three classes daily. My favorites being: CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Skills.

I really like coming here to SFCF, the coaches are great skilled people, knowers. and everybody is super friendly. SFCF has helped me a lot to learn English, I get to practice with all of you! thanks to all whom explained me twice or more times with a happy face what we were supposed to do :)

What are your goals in Crossfit?

I’m really after controlling my prediabetes and having a great time surrounded by amazing people, but if I can get to improve my lifting technique and learning more new movements, let’s say I killed two birds in one shot.

You have an amazing tattoo on your arm, can you tell us about it? :)

Is our beloved Pug-Son Federico a.k.a. “Fede” he has been around since our family’s very beginning.
He is the best furry-homesickness-antidote ever.
In January I decided to get a tattoo of him. I went back to Chile earlier this year for like 3 weeks or so. Then, I thought let’s do it… every time I look my arm I love the result, it’s simply Fede.

Coaching Spotlight- Sean McBride

SFCF Coaching Spotlight – Sean McBride

Hi San Francisco CrossFit – I’m back!

For those of you who remember the parking lot days; hey, what’s up? Missed you. For those who have joined the gym in the last couple years, I am a new face – let me (re)introduce myself.

I am a physical therapist and coach. I lived in San Francisco from 2011-14 while attending PT school at UCSF/SFSU. During that time I was a regular fixture at the gym. (I was stalking Kelly). I coached from 2012-14, which allowed me to put into practice the movement ideas I was learning in the classroom, while developing a special understanding of the potential of human performance. My goal has always been to become a physio-coach, combining the best aspects of physical therapy and strength and conditioning. Kelly has been my mentor and role model through this process and returning to San Francisco is a sweet homecoming for me.

The reason that I left was to take a year long clinical residency with the Kaiser Southern California Orthopedic Physical Therapy program. This is the oldest and most prestigious residency program in the US focusing on developing skilled practitioners. Over the course of a year we took over 30 weekends of continuing education, which is roughly 30 times the minimum standard of continuing education for PTs. In addition to this we received mentoring and feedback from highly experienced PTs, which was ruthless and fantastic.

My best comparison for the residency program is boot camp. No one goes to boot camp for fun, you do it to become an expert at your job. It was a long, hard year immersed in a different world than CrossFit. But I am better for it and can really appreciate how amazing it is to come to work everyday in a place like San Francisco CrossFit where I get to work with people I love, admire, and do the work that fulfills me.

That brings me back to the job that I am doing at SFCF:

I am back at San Francisco CrossFit full time. You can catch me at my regular class times Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. I am here as one of our resident PT- coaches, joining the dream team of Roop, Dianna, Jon and of course, Kelly. In addition to coaching I am available for movement and mobility evaluations. I am so happy to be back at San Francisco CrossFit. I am back home and have the incredible privilege of working with the best coaches in the world to train the best athletes in the world: YOU!

See you on the floor! Say hi and introduce yourself, I’ll be the beardo red-headed dude making a sweat angel.

Sean McBride PT, DPT
Movement and Mobility Specialist
CrossFit Level 1 coach

Member Profile: Sarah Smith

Member of the Month – Sarah Smith

How did you find Crossfit and MobilityWod?

I ran cross country for a couple of years and figured that was the way to go to college. I was in a really competitive area and the girls team was really highly recognized, so I was fighting for the seventh spot on the varsity team.

At the beginning of my senior year, for our first practice, we were on a six mile out and back on a boat trail on a lake that’s nearby. It’s about half a foot wide – the trail is so skinny and it’s uphill the first half. We turned around and looked at the view and started to head back downhill.

Part of the way down there was a little piece of tree root sticking up and then a two foot drop down to a piece of rock. I thought I’d cleared it, but my foot caught on the edge. My knee was the first thing to hit the rock and it smashed my knee back so far that it tore the ACL in the center. I made a joke about it and ran back, but I knew something bad was happening. I didn’t stop running because I really wanted to get this varsity spot, so I ran on it for another two weeks.

Eventually I wasn’t able to walk and I went to the doctor and they said it was a mid-line T tear. It’s not a complete detachment, but they recommended surgery. I was seventeen at the time and my parents decided they didn’t want me to have major surgery because they work in the medical profession so they know what the recovery is like.

I had to go through extensive physical therapy after that, and I didn’t have a car or a license so I couldn’t drive myself. I turned to the internet and I found Kelly Starrett. As I was looking at Kelly’s work, I realized that it was the most comprehensive thing I’d seen so far and I had been digging for a really long time.

I thought I would try it out and now Kelly is basically the reason I am the person that I am today. I committed to that for two years and all I did was physical therapy. I wasn’t able to walk for a long time, but I immediately picked up voodoo floss, a rumble roller and a rogue ball and that’s what saved me.

At first it hurt to drive, to walk, to stand for any period of time, it hurt while I was sleeping. After two years I was finally able to walk for extended periods of time. I was so into physical therapy that I ended up helping a lot of my other teammates with physical therapy and proper form. I started personal training at 18 years old. Later I decided to try Crossfit and I fell in love with it and I’ve never looked back. Even though the doctors said I would never be able to run again or lift weights again. All I did was focus on form and now my knee works great, and Kelly Starrett is the reason I can do all of that.

My back squat is almost 300lbs and my knee just doesn’t bother me at all. I remember thinking that it would be a dream for me to come to San Francisco for even an hour and have a consultation with Kelly and thank him. I was about to give up my athletic lifestyle and I just couldn’t do that. Kelly is the reason that I’m here. A year ago I started crossfit and it’s been great – I’ve had no injury since. My knee hardly ever bothers me, and when it does I know exactly what I need to do to take care of it. I’m living proof and that this stuff works.

Crossfit Open 2016

Hey Team!

The format for our 2016 Crossfit Games WODs will be the same as last year. During the Crossfit Open (which starts February 25th), we will have our Friday classes be designated for Open workouts only. That means that the WOD for each class on Fridays for that time period will only be the Open workouts. For the last workout, which will be Friday March 25th, we will host a big party after our 5pm class to celebrate the Open. We’ll have tacos, beer, and Unfair Advantage for all my friends!


Make sure you register before February 24th!

Friday January 8th, 2016

CrosSFit + Sport

Back Squat 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1.

Run: 1 mile for pace. Rest 3 minutes.

Run 1 mile for pace. Every second faster/slower = 1 burpee/pullup.

Choose the speed you want to run the mile at. Slow or fast, the 2nd mile has to match the first one!

Thursday January 7th, 2016


10 x 90″: PC + HC + Jerk. Work up.


for time: 2000m row +

10 minutes to find heavy clean/jerk.


Team of 2 “I go, you go” 

100 PC 155/105++(shared),

50 C2B pullups(shared),

25 Cal Row (per person),

50 HSPU (shared),

100 Thrusters 115/75(shared). 

Wednesday January 6th, 2016


Intervals: 12 x 2 minutes, rest 1 minute.

2-5 MU (you choose) + 5 DL 185/135 + max reps TTB


10 x 90″: PC + HC + Jerk. Work up.

5 minutes find heavy clean/jerk.

Finish: 200 KBS + 300 DU + 400m walking lunge

Tuesday January 5th, 2016


400m farmers carry 53/35 +

10 minutes to find 1 Split Jerk Heavy +

400m farmers carry. 


Intervals: 12 x 2 minutes, rest 1 minute.

2-5 MU (you choose) + 5 Wall Balls + max reps DL 185/135

Monday January 4th, 2016


TEAM of 2″I go, you go”:

100 DL 185/135 (shared),

50 Ring Dips (shared),

25 Cal Row (per person),

50 Burpees (shared),

100 KBS (shared). 


400m farmers carry 53/35 + 10 minutes to find 1 Split Jerk Heavy +

400m farmers carry + 10 minutes to find Heavy single OHS.