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Friday May 8, 2015


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MEMBER PROFILE: Amanda Stevens & Sarah Hamilton


Virtuosity Team Squatty by Nature: Amanda & Sarah

This month we have Overseer and Photographer, Carly Rosin, interviewing more of our awesome SFCF members. We are excited to introduce you to some 5:30AM regulars, Amanda Stevens and Sarah Hamilton: the self proclaimed “Partners for Life”.

Q: How long have you been CrossFitting?
A: I was in Elena’s Basics Class. I love her. She’s my best friend.
S: I was in Ivan’s Basics class about 2 years ago.
Q: What time do you wake up?
 A: 4:50AM
 S:  4:30AM
Q: Do you got work after you workout?
A:Yes, a very demanding job. I have to be there right after the 5:30am class.
S: Yes, I take care of my kids.
Q: Do people at work know that you come and workout before going into work? Do you/they talk about it?
A: Yes. They always say “OMG  I can’t beleive you work out so early then work all day!”
S: Yes, My kids ask me about my work outs all the time.
Q: Do people ever say, “I don’t care about your workouts anymore.”
A: Never.
S: Never. My Kids do mini workouts at home. Its really cute. Sometimes I bring them here and they play on the rings. They have way better grip strength that us. Definately better Toes to Bar.
Q: Do you ever find yourself looking at Facebook for an unacceptable amount of time?
A: No, never.
S: Sometimes Instagram.
Q: Is there anything you do that you are embarrassed about?
A: No, I dont think so.
S: No.
Q: Is there a TV show you watch that you’re embarrassed about?
A: Vampire Diaries
S: Vampire Diaries “VD for short”
Q: Do you guys talk about it?
A&S: Yes… and we should really discuss it more.
A: I know a secret about Elana.( From the Show)
S: How do you know?
A: Because I follow her on Instagram. That’s maybe something I’m embarrassed about.
S: We know a little too much about the show.
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Amanda and Sarah are both super strong ladies with an awesome sense of humor. Make sure to chat them up about “VD” =) and you may as well start chatting up your Virtuosity game – you may want to recruit them for your team (unless Squatty By Nature plans on making a come back in October…)