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Reminder – No Classes This Weekend & Final Open Update

Just a reminder that the gym will be closed this weekend (April 6-7) because we are hosting Coach Brian’s Crossfit Endurance Seminar.   We WILL be hosting Open Gym on Saturday evening from 5-7 p.m. so you can get your workout on with Coach Tyler.

Our final Open WOD will be on Friday evening as usual and Tonya will circulate the heat schedule later today or tomorrow morning.   If you cannot make Friday night, feel free to drop in on Saturday at Open Gym to do the workout.   Good luck to everyone on the final WOD!




So You Think You Can Squat?

OK San Francisco CrossFitters, see how your squat holds up on ice.  Yes, SFCF we are going Speed skating!  You  are invited (with friends and family) on Saturday, April 27th  at 8:15 p.m. to come have a blast at Yerba Buena Ice Rink in San Francisco.  

Learn how to skate and fall or if you’re adventurous — Yasmen will be teaching the basics of Speed skating with basic drills and fun games.  Maybe even a relay or two. Don’t panic if you don’t know how to skate, or never been in an ice rink before.
Wear – Gloves, (any kind) knee pads, sweats with thermals underneath and plenty of fleeces, its cold in there.   Don’t wear anything tight, or you won’t be able to squat.  Helmets recommended (any kind).
Cost $10.00 adults.  Kids under 12 $8.00  skate rentals $3.00 (Try and have exact change to make the line go faster).  

For those of you who can skate and want to try speed skating boots and blades, please let Yasmen know when you RSVP with your name and US shoe size.   Cannot guarantee a boot that fits, but will try and get you a pair.  Kids sizes are also available.  

If you want to start the evening off a wee bit earlier, we will be meeting at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Co for a home made brew and then walking over to Yerba Buena Ice Rink.  (yeh –go easy on the brew or you’ll be seeing more ice then you bargained for)

Thirsty Bear Co
Meet up at 6:00 P.M.
661 Howard Street between 3rd and Hawthorne

Meet up at 8:15 P.M.
Yerba Buena Ice Rink
750 Folsom Street at 4th Street
Entrance is up the stairs to the right next to the bowling center

Pon™ Slays The Way To Cool 50K

While all the rest of us were focused on Crossfit Games Workout 13.1, Pon™ was out there slaying the Way To Cool 50K.   This was the first race of the year in the USATF Ultra Grand Prix Series.   Here’s a little about the experience from Pon™ himself:  “I was a bit nervous coming in since I didn’t sleep well the night before, but as soon as the gun went off I dialed into a nice pace until the marathon mark 26.2 miles.  I took a good beating with the heat and had to fight through some cramps, walked it off, and stormed towards the finish!  Personal best 50K time of 5:27 from 9:06.”

That’s a FOUR HOUR PR!   Whattttt???  So awesome – congrats Pon™!!!

New Mobile App Is LIVE!


The Live Edit mobile app is a fast and easy way to view our class schedule, reserve and cancel, classes, and make appointments. With our mobile app, you can log in using your MindBody login.

  • View our Class Schedules
  • Reserve Classses
  • Book Private Coaching Sessions
  • Review or update membership information.

To use our mobile app, go to on your smartphone’s internet browser and click on the Mobile Schedule under the Search Field on the home page.

Christine Carosi & Pat Griffin Headed to the Arnold Weightlifting Championships

We are so excited that Coach Pat Griffin and SFCFer Christine Carosi are competing this weekend at the The Arnold Weightlifting Championships in Columbus, OH.   Coach Diane Fu will be coaching these two Fu Barbell athletes in their vision quest to hit their personal bests in the snatch & clean & jerk.   We will also be keeping an eye on friend of SFCF Katie Hogan as she attempts to lift some huge weights just a few days before she begins her bid to qualify for the 2013 Crossfit Games.

The Weightlifting Championships are one of over 40 sports and events held annually in downtown Columbus as part of the Arnold Sports Festival, will host weightlifters from every continent on the planet (well, except Antarctica) and is one of only two qualifying events for the 2013 World Weightlifting Championships and Pan American Championships for USA Weightlifting.

In addition to showcasing world-class lifters from Canada to Ecuador, Colombia to Cameroon, the 2013 Arnold Weightlifting Championships has also reserved two special sessions on Friday evening for CrossFitters only. “CrossFit is arguably the best thing ever to have happened to weightlifting in the United States,” says Rachel Crass, co-director of the event. “The sport’s popularity is booming, and the lifts are on television again. It’s incredible. We want to show the world that CrossFitters can not only perform the lifts, but they can perform them well, with solid technique and competitive weights. We want to show the world what CrossFitters can do with the quick lifts.”

Diane will be documenting the whole weekend on Instagram so you can follow her @DianeFu.   Good luck Pat, Christine, and Katie!



Mental Toughness and the Crossfit Games Open

The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.” -Robert Jordan

Every year, thousands of Crossfit athletes test themselves with five weeks of workouts designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. This year the threshing season starts on March 6th, and San Francisco Crossfit has a secret weapon: Stevo the Sport Psychology Intern!

Starting on February 28th, Stevo will be hosting a free weekly workshop to help athletes who would like to prepare for the mental challenge of the Crossfit Games Open. Topics will include, goal setting, reflection, focus, and resiliency. There will be activities, challenges, and an open environment for discussing how to get the most out of the Games, even if you’re just doing it for fun. Athletes of all skill levels are welcome and may join for any of the classes they wish during the Open.

Thursdays 2/28-4/5 – 8:00-9:00pm

All SFCF Members welcome – Sign Up Here

SFCF Mobile App Disabled

We learned today that MindBody is no longer supporting our Skilled Athlete Mobile App and so the app has been disabled as of today.   We know that this has been a very convenient and useful way for you all to sign in to classes and manage your account, etc.  and so we will figure out a new solution as soon as possible.  In the meantime, please revert to signing in to class online.    Sorry for any inconvenience and we will update you as soon as we have implemented an alternative.

New Classes & Schedule Updates

We are pleased to announce the addition of new classes and some schedule changes starting next week as follows:
8:00 a.m. - Monday – Friday
9:30 a.m. - Saturdays

We are also changing the Conditioning class schedule and adding one more class so the schedule will be:
Monday 6 a.m.
Tuesday 6 p.m.
Friday 6 a.m.

See our Group Class Schedule for details and to sign up for classes.

Please Cancel Classes – we have had a lot of monthly members signing up for morning classes and then not coming.   If you can’t make it, PLEASE cancel as we often have athletes on the waiting list who would like to come in your spot.   We don’t want to have to implement a penalty system so please only sign up for classes you plan to make and cancel if you can’t make it as a courtesy to your fellow SFCF members.




Crossfit Games Open Registration is LIVE – The Open At SFCF

The Games Season is officially here!  The Open begins on March 6th and continues for 5 weeks with a workout announced every Wednesday and score submissions due Sundays by 5:00 p.m. For those of you who weren’t able to attend our meeting on January 16th, here’s how the Open will work at SFCF:

We will host the Open WOD every Friday night through the Open Season from 5-8 p.m.   This is a really fun, competitive, and supportive event and we have a potluck during/after.  We will have the SFCF staff on hand to judge and cost to participate is $10/WOD or $50 for the whole Open Season, which will be charged after March 1st.   If you want to try out the Open Workouts but don’t care to do it in a formal judged environment, we will be programming the Open WODs as the Saturday Morning Level 1 classes.

If you want to participate in the Friday evening Group WODs, you will need to follow these two steps:

1.  Register for the Open HERE.  The cost to register for the Open through Crossfit is $20.   Important!  Be sure to select San Francisco Crossfit as your affiliate AND join the San Francisco Crossfit Team.  

2.  Email Coach Tonya to sign up to participate in the Friday night WODs no later than March 1st –

See you in a few weeks!

Reminder: Chop Wood; Carry Water: The Psychology of Awareness in Training

Chop Wood; Carry Water, The Psychology of Awareness in Training,
with Stevo, SFCF’s Sports Psychology Intern

January 31st at 8:00 p.m. AND February 2nd at 9:30 a.m.

Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” – Wu Li, Zen Master

Ask any athlete where they want to be and you’ll get an answer. And while goals are great for reminding of you where you want to go, how do you know where you’re at now? How do you assess the quality of your front squat? Are you struggling through a workout because you’re skimping on your range of motion or is it because you ate a whole pizza last night? Could it be both? To novices, great athletes’ intuition about their bodies can appear to be a superpower, but like a squat, a press or a pull this intuition is simply a skill. They have mastered the skill of awareness.

Awareness is the skill of owning the present. And like the squat, press or pull, it can be practiced intelligently and diligently until it becomes a habit. Join Stevo, the sport psychology intern, as he walks through the basics of awareness in training. You’ll learn how to easily keep track of your progress (with or without journals) and simple tricks to speeding up your own training enlightenment.

The course is FREE for SFCF members but please sign up in advance HERE