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10646908_10103685830887176_4973983945541129050_nSpecial Edition Interview this Month: Coach Ivan Asplundh!

Coach Ivan has been a part of the SFCF team since 2011. He started as an athlete in the Parking Lot of Dreams with some of you and for many others he was their Crossfit Intro Coach. To all of us, he has been an amazing friend and fellow athlete. If you haven’t heard it yet, Ivan’s packing his bags and moving back East in May. We took this opportunity to interview him. Here’s Overseer Jesus Adrian Cardenas (JAC) in conversation with the man.

JAC: Coach Ivan Asplundh, Where are you from?

Ivan: I’m from a small town outside Philadelphia called Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.

JAC: What’s there to do out there?

Ivan: Ooohhh, a whole lot of nothing. I grew up next to the Lacrosse fields and so we went and shot at the lacrosse nets all day.

JAC: Dude you have been here at SFCF for a little while. How did you find this place, why did you come so far?

Ivan:  I started coaching but not with much experience back at Bryn Athyn, outside of Philadelphia and I had hurt my shoulder. This kid that got me into Crossfit was like “look for this guy Kelly Starret online and you’ll find some stuff you can do for your shoulder”. This was back in like the Spring of 2012 and I did it and I was like ‘this sh*t’s crazy’. I mean it worked and my shoulder impingement got pretty much fixed. I was also visiting friends who already lived out here and they were like “you’re not really doing anything back home why don’t you come not really do anything in San Francisco” and I didn’t really have a reason not to. I was also like, yeah there’s an interesting gym I’d like to workout at and I moved here with the hope to workout here and with the long shot (I thought) of potentially working for Kelly, and so that’s what I did.

JAC: What’s it like to be one of the most beloved coaches in the gym?

Ivan: That’s flattering. It feels good to know that people are taking note of me leaving, in a weird way. It just makes me feel like I was able to have some sort of impact on them whether it was through coaching or just saying “Hey”. All of my friends here in San Francisco that I’ve made are through the gym; from being an athlete here, to becoming an intern and then as a coach. It feels really good, I’m super flattered and honored to be able to call myself a coach here.

JAC: You have a big family Dude…

Ivan: I have 9 brothers and sisters almost all of them are on the East coast, one’s in Arizona. They’re all having kids and I have 20 nephews and nieces with three more on the way and it’s time to go home and be Uncle Ivan. Which is why I’m so pumped I finally learned to Heimlich a baby because there are babies crawling around everywhere.

JAC: What is the first thing you notice in people?

Ivan: Hmmm, I think the first thing I try to look at in other people is their comfort level in whatever situation we are in. If it’s someone that’s sheepish I try to go and say hello, if they’re outgoing they probably already said hello to you but that’s great so you just match that level of enthusiasm. Or, they come in and they uh, you know, they are a douche with they’re shirt off and you still smile and say hello but you serve them humble pie with the workout.

JAC:  What do you think about what’s happening in Crossfit, what have you noticed?

Ivan: I think what we are doing in here is proven, to move without pain. We’re getting people into shape. The biggest thing I have noticed about Crossfit is the community aspect of it. Which, everyone says that but everyone says that because it’s a real thing, and I really hope it stays that way. I hope people don’t get caught up with trying to get their sweat on and leave. It should be show up, be with your friends, do a workout together and experience something challenging together and then, after you’ve hung out for a little bit then leave or go hang out some more. I think that’s what keeps people coming back. It’s the camaraderie not the workout, you can go workout anywhere.

JAC: I dare you to submit a Duck selfie.

Ivan: I did last week. Someone from back home said they would love a mirror selfie-duck face from me so I sent it to them but first! I made sure to put on my American flag one-sie from OneZip Wear and let a little chest hair fly. It’s super super Seductive.

JAC: Are you doing the whole life challenge?

Ivan: Oooohhh. Uhhhh….I thought it was a 30 day challenge. It’s definitely not. I was doing really well and then as soon as I signed up someone asked if I wanted to go to a yacht party and I wasn’t going to say no. So I had beers then, and all these other foods started coming up. So I wasn’t the best. I was basically a commuter from Monday to Friday, I was on point then but on the weekends I was not. (Side note: the Whole Life Challenge runs through March 14th!)

JAC: Will you share with me, and the rest of your friends here, something a little more personal to you?

Ivan: I think this place helped me grow up a lot. I was like 23, not really working. I’d come in and work out and do my thing. I’d eat kind of clean and go out and party a lot and not think much of things. This place had a big hand in helping me mature in the last 3 years.

JAC: Are there any parting words you want share with the gym.

Ivan: My number one coaching cue, “Follow your heart #thatssoraven”


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