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* Hunter’s Birthday is this week*


Carly @ SFCF: Do you ever take days off?

HG: If I’m out of town I won’t bother working out in the hotel, but for the most part I’m here Monday through Saturday.

CR: What do you do on your days off?

HG: Sometimes I’ll go outside and just enjoy being out, otherwise I’ll sit on the couch and do laundry. Gotta keep it fresh.

CR: Where do you work?
HG: I work downtown for a real-estate finance group called Stockbridge Capitol. We finance big development projects like Treasure Island and Hollywood Park down in LA.

CR: Do you like it?
CR: It’s a grind. That’s why I come in here everyday to sweat. But its a good job.

CR: Where did you go to school?
HG: Back east, Bucknell University. I needed to get away from California for a while. I grew up in Marin, but after 4 years in Pennsylvania I was ready to come back.

CR: What are your favorite type of workouts?
HG: I like doing Muscle Ups and running as long as its not too many intervals of Nate’s sprint programming. I like team workouts more than anything, that’s why I started coming in on Saturdays.

CR: Is there any CrossFit gear you’re super into, or wish you had?
HG: No not really. If I had a big garage I would probably put a bunch of stuff in there but I have a small apartment.
I do have a few CrossFit brands that I’m an ambassador for… REDLINE Gear (I have a promo code if anyone’s interested). And also Rhone Apparel which is kind of like Lululemon for guys. Pretty expensive but high end quality.
Last year I got REDLINE to sponsor Squatty By Nature for Virtuosity so we could look official.

CR: How long have you been doing CrossFit?
HG: I’ve been CrossFitting for a little over a year. Before that I played baseball in college. After that I spent most of my time at Crunch Fitness until I just got bored of doing the same things over and over again. CrossFit is good. I really like it here.

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