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Tuesday September 15th, 2015

Tuesday WOD

Floor Press 10′ EMOM:

3 reps For Time: Cluster + Run:
21-15-9 135/95
Run 400m

Monday September 14th, 2015

Monday WOD
Find today’s max height box jump..
Then, complete 5 x 60 second intervals:

10 Knees to Elbows. Then
Max Power Snatches (AHAP) remainder of minute
-Rest 2 min-

Saturday September 12th, 2015



Have an awesome D.FU inspired weekend.



Hilary being a badass engineer in the Presidio

For September we have Hilary Schaadt for you!

Newest Overseer, Salome, stepped up to the plate to bring you this months interview. Surprisingly, it wasn’t until after the interview was done and I, Lara, (still currently) Lord Commander of the SFCF Office, asked several follow up questions, that perhaps the meatiest nugget of information was discovered. It came out that Salome and Hilary have been been pursuing 12 days of show casing Salome’s scarves and Hilary’s work out pants. A bizarre combination and random idea if I ever heard one! Lucky for us, it’s turned into a totally awesome and super funny project! Good work, Ladies. Keep your eyeballs peeled for the Facebook photo album.

Salome describes the 12 days project:

Here’s a first hand account about how the 12 days of pants & scarves got started: I (Overseer Salome) met Hilary on my first day working at SFCF. I was wearing a scarf. Every day at work I was wearing a scarf. The day I didn’t wear one Hilary told me I looked naked and that she barely recognized me. I told her about my scarf addiction and she readily confided in me that she too suffered from a plethora of another kind… work out pants. So we decided to pursue the 12 days of scarves and pants. Each one was painstakingly documented by an unwilling volunteer snatched from their workout. Photo evidence available below. We have prevailed.

Now, without further ado, Salome’s interview with Hilary:

SFCF: How long have you been a member at SFCF?
HS: My anniversery was in August. It’s longest relationship I’ve ever had.
SFCF: What do you do when you’re not here?

HS: I build America. I’m a civil engineer working at the presidio. Outside of work I am hiking, biking, walking, running… all sorts of outdoor activities. At night I’m a ninja.

SFCF: What are you building at work?

HS: America. Hahah. We’re building the tunnels and bridges here.

SFCF: So it’s a lot of math?

HS: Yeah.

SFCF: Any exciting travel plans for this year?

HS: I just got back from hiking half dome in Yosemite so that was my big excursion… Well, I am also going to Tahoe for Labor Day weekend… but that’s not too big of a trip.

SFCF: What’s your favorite movement in a workout?

HS: The deadlift. Roop’s Skills class is my favorite – Cath, Kate and I call ourselves Roop’s Angels because it annoys him.

Keepin’ it real, Hilary!


Hilary and Salome doing the 12 Days of Pants & Scarves