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Rowing Workshop with Ryan Salma

16120_10152717850066609_3633951615401322594_nImprove your rowing form! Attend this workshop with Ryan Salma & Doreen DiSalvo! We will be discussing proper technique and doing practical warm up’s. This workshop will improve your rowing performance with drills that maximize your efficiency.

The Rowing Workshop is $10 and limited to 14 attendees.

Email with questions. Cancellation policy is 24 hours. 


MEMBER PROFILE – Jesus Adrian Cardenas

IMG_1094Ready for a full-on interview between Patrick, Lara, & Adrian? Here we go.

PAT: Let’s begin. I’d like to start with a prayer. Um, Dear Jesus… Oh that’s You! We just want to do an interrogation, uh, interview, before you go. I want to start with: where are you going and what are you doing?

ADRIAN: I’m trying to go to Med School. I was a non-science major in college, so I came to SF to get all my science classes in.  I’m from SoCal, I grew up in South Central. I went to high school and college in Riverside.

PAT: You are leaving us. Tell us about your new job and where you are going.

ADRIAN: My new job is with a company called One Legacy. The job is in Orange County, but I will be living in Long Beach. I’ll be recovering tissue from cadaver donors. So I will be cutting out blood vessels, femoral veins, tendons, hearts, etc.

LARA: You are going to be cutting open bodies?

ADRIAN: I will be cutting open bodies.

PAT: So, basically, what you’re telling me is you’re going Pro.

ADRIAN: I’m going Pro-ish.

PAT: You were an amateur and now you’re goin’ Pro.

ADRIAN: Yea. And then I’ll be taking the pieces to a donor bank so they can find a recipient or a research project.

LARA: So you are actually going to cut open dead bodies?! I’m sorry I just want to be really clear!


LARA: Someone was asking me what you were going to do and all I could think to tell them was that you’re going to slice tissues.

PAT: You’re doing this legally, right?

LARA: Have you done that before?

PAT: Legally?

ADRIAN: Well, in Bio.

PAT: You got a dead guy for Bio?!

LARA: I never got to do that in Bio.

ADRIAN: No, well, I’ve never really cut open a human body. Just frogs and stuff.

PAT: Boring.

LARA: So it won’t make you sick or anything?

ADRIAN: Ya know, when I see it on TV and stuff, I look like I have turrets. But when I became an EMT, in real life, I can handle it. It doesn’t bother me. It becomes a task that needs to be done.

PAT: As long as you know that before you go to Med School you’re all set.

ADRIAN: Yea, I’m excited. I’m gonna learn a lot and it’s nice to know that every single body will improve someone else’s life.

PAT: I want to change gears really quickly. I want to ask you about your love of pizza.

ADRIAN: Oh F*ck.

PAT: I think you’ve become known as the Pizza Guy. Like always having pizza around when everyone else is trying to healthy and paleo and shit. How long have you been working at SFCF?

ADRIAN: I’ve been here for a year. I think I was hired April 1st on April Fools day and I was like, is this for real?

PAT: So how many pizzas would you say you eat in a week?

ADRIAN: At work? Or all together?

PAT: All together.

ADRIAN: I probably eat 2 – 3 pizzas a week.

PAT: OK. So let’s just say that you eat 2 pizzas a week for duration of your Overseer-ship. By my math, that tells me that you’ve eaten at least a hundred pizzas since you’ve been an employee of San Francisco CrossFit.

LARA: No judgment.

PAT: Is that fair to say?

ADRIAN: I think that’s fair.

PAT: How much would you say each pizza weighs?

LARA: Probably somewhere around 2.5 lbs.

PAT: Would it be fair to say that you’ve eat about 250 lbs of pizza since you started work here?

ADRIAN: I think that’s a fair estimation. That’s like a man-sized pizza.

PAT: That’s a fat guy! You ate a fat guy worth of pizza! Or a really strong big guy. What’s your dream pie?

ADRIAN: I like pepperoni and sausage.

LARA: So I did a little math of my own. You’ve been doing the interviews at SFCF for the last 7 months now. What is your favorite interview question?

ADRIAN: Uhhh, I like to get to know people’s stories. What’s your story in the grand scheme of things? In the universe? People get quiet for a moment and you get to see people dig in a little bit.

PAT: Great – so now that you’ve identified your fav interview question, tell us in seven words or less, what’s your story?

ADRIAN: I want to be an astronaut.

LARA: Not a Doctor?!

PAT: You’re going to the wrong school! Adrian, stop what you’re doing! Astronauts don’t have to deal with dead bodies.

Newman: You’ve been reading the wrong books then.

ADRIAN: Actually, an MD is one of the optional pre-reqs to be an astronaut candidate. You need a science background.

PAT: Were you joking when you said you wanted to be an astronaut?

ADRIAN: No I seriously want to apply to be a candidate.

PAT: You’re f*cking with me.

ADRIAN: Nah, I’m serious, when I become an MD, I want to be a badass, like I want trumpets to sound – I’m just kidding – I do want to be a doctor and there are a lot of things I want to do with it. But it’s a platform. I do want to be a doctor, I care about the medical aspect and improving peoples lives.  I’m also really into fitness so SFCF has been really influential. For a while I thought I would go into orthopedics and help clean up peoples joints and stuff. There’s a lot of applications for that sort of thing in space. A lot of technology that’s developed for space is converted and used in Bio Tech. I just want to know my shit. I want to know it well.

LARA: We’re moving on to some either or’s. Whiskey or Tequila?

ADRIAN: Whiskey. I like Glenmorangie, which is a scotch. But anyway.

PAT: You’re a classy bitch.

LARA: Olympic Lifting or Running?

ADRIAN: Easy, Olympic lifting! I’ve run enough in my life.

LARA: Hm, I thought I was giving you a challenge.

ADRIAN: I’ll tell you guys something about myself – I was born in Mexico. I’m from a small indigenous community out there called the Raramuri. There’s books written about us, how we are runners, the famous one being Born to Run.

PAT: You’re just making shit up now.

ADRIAN: I swear to God! I didn’t grow up down there. But when I moved to SoCal I met a lot of other native people. My community needs a lot of help – they need people to leave and then they need them to come back. A lot of people leave and never come back. I’m struggling with it myself – I love all the people I met here in SF, but there’s also a need to go back to my community.

I guess that’s what I would really like to do. Go back to my community and help bring up and inspire others. People don’t do that down there. I wasn’t motivated to go to college when I was in high school. I got suckered into college. They asked me to come run and I said ‘alright, cool’. By the time I injured myself and couldn’t run anymore, I though, ‘Oh well, I’m already invested in this enough, so I might as well finish.’

LARA: What did you study in Undergrad?

ADRIAN: I started in pre-med, but I switched. I did Native American Studies and Anthropologie. Then when I was done I still wanted to be a doctor. That stemmed from a Doctor who I met when I was younger who would do house calls for really cheap in our community. He took care of people. My parents really respected him and I noticed that. I also really appreciated his empathy.

Once I realized that we have to work for the rest of our lives, I learned the way that he carried himself and interacted with people isn’t that common. So I thought that I would like to be useful and that is something I can do. As I learned more about his life, I recognized that he is making a lot of sacrifices to do what he does.

LARA: Is there anything else that you would like to share that we haven’t asked yet?

ADRIAN: Everyone here has ambition, everyone is chasing something. That’s been really healthy for me to be around. It helps keep you motivated when you see people striving for things. I want to keep working towards my goals and all the things I want to accomplish. So I guess I want to say to everyone out there ‘Keep going! Don’t stop for anyone!’ This has been a rough year, but SFCF has been awesome. It’s been good for me.

PAT: Well, we will miss you, too, Adrian.

LARA: Pizza party next week.


Adrian’s last day as an Overseer at SFCF will be Wednesday April 8th. =(






Newman takes 2nd Place at the Arnold

10985538_10155309395870704_8474213305121639388_oIt’s official, Coach Kristin Newman is one of the strongest women in the world. We are so proud of her spectacular performance at the Arnold StrongWoman World Championship! Here’s a brief recap with links to the full story.


My experience at The Arnold Strongwoman World Champion was beyond even what I allowed myself to daydream about. I was able to deadlift my way into the finals (top four women in each weight class), and my experience with the log clean and press plus my speed in the power stairs secured me a second place finish. The whole time I was super grateful to have my coach there talking me through each event and not letting me get too in my head about everything.
1) Circus dumbbell- 100lbs ground to overhead, max reps in 60 secs.
2) Super yoke carry – 450 lbs, 120 ft as fast as possible
3) Farmers handles – 190lbs per hand, 60ft as fast as possible
4) Deadlift medley – Olympic bar at 375lbs, two reps, Axle bar at 375lbs max reps in 60 secs.
1) Last man standing log clean and press (I got a chance to attempt a middle weight women’s world record of 215lbs)
2) Power stairs – 6 steps, two implements, each 190lbs, as fast as possible
To read about the full experience in her own words, here are links to Kristin Newman’s Blog: