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WOD 12.5 at SFCF – A Great End To The 2012 Open

After five long weeks of hard work, determination, and dedication, over 60 San Francisco Crossfit athletes completed the 2012 Games Open this year.   We had a huge crowd every Friday night including a ton of supporters and spectators and it was awe-inspiring to see athletes complete their heat only to get right up and support their fellow SFCFers.   Most importantly, we met our main goal of qualifying a team for the Regionals in May!   From a results standpoint, Beth Helton and Lisa Warren did exceptionally well, finishing 59th and 56th respectively – well enough to qualify as individuals – awesome.   The Regionals will be held at the same location as last year in San Jose so Save The Dates (May 18-20) to come out and support our team!  We want to see a Sea of Pink at the Regionals!  Thanks again to our unofficial team photographer Tory Kornblum for these awesome pictures every week.









Fabric Shortage In Marin County

SFCF Coach Robert Tuller celebrated his 48th birthday last Saturday and spent part of his day with his rag-tag group of runners in the mud on Mount Tam.   In honor of his birthday and in celebration of his unique fashion sense, his regulars including Monica Madsen, Karrie Hutchins, Damon Waldron, and Ryan Romines, who drove over from SFCF in pants, surprised Coach Tuller by stripping down to their own short-shorts.   Check out some of the photos from their day including the awesome t-shirt they made for Tuller which says “Who Wears Short Shorts” on the front and “Coach Tuller wears short shorts” on the back.  I’m not sure that Ryan and Damon’s thighs have ever seen the sun before this day but they all look awesome and I know Coach Tuller was simply delighted.  Happy Birthday Tuller!





Karrie Hutchins Completes A 50K!

Huge congrats to SFCFer Karrie Hutchins for finishing the Way Too Cool 50K on Saturday in a blazing time of 5 hours and 52 minutes!   What is even more awesome is that she did Games WOD 12.3 earlier in the week and reports being sore from that but not from the 50K.   Awesome.  Way to go Karrie!!!

WOD 12.3 at SFCF…The Epic MetCon

It was another epic Friday evening at SFCF with metcon madness!  Beth Helton completely slayed this workout with 373 reps and Damian Marano was close behind with 349 reps.   It was another night of inspiration with a huge group of spectators and competitors – including George’s twins below.  Thanks again to our resident Games photographer Tory for taking these pics of a great night!  Go Team SFCF!

The Power of Community: Crossfit & The Force of Human Connection Book Launch Event!!!

Join Us For An Awesome Evening In Support of Allison Belger’s Book Launch

Tuesday, March 20th 6:30 pm at the Mill Valley Community Center

Alright, people. It’s time to book your sitters, clear your calendars, and get ready for a special night. TJ’s Gym Owner, and our friend, Allison Belger, has written a great book about community and CrossFit. Her book launch event is taking place just over the bridge, in Mill Valley. Kelly is moderating the panel of speakers for the night, and we’d love for you all to be there.  Here are the details:

Admission is free, and there will be catered Paleo appetizers (c/oBella Luxe Catering), and an inspiring panel of speakers to include:

Steve Liberati, Founder of Steve’s Club

Brad Ludden, Founder of First Descents

Lisbeth Darsh, affiliate/community guru at CrossFit Headquarters

Bryant Mitchell, Manager, Affiliate & Community Services Fitness & Training at Reebok International

Allison Belger, Owner, TJ’s Gym/Psychologist/Author

Two long-time TJ’s Gym members who have lots to say about the power of our community

Pre-order the book HERE!

Questions about the book or the event? Email Allison at

Snatch Mania! WOD 12.2 at SFCF

It was a snatching extravaganza at SFCF on Friday night!  A huge group of athletes and spectators showed up again for WOD 12.2 and it was PR-central!  Many of our athletes got their PR that night and even more got their PR over and over again.   Gretchen Weber, for example, hit her PR and then did it 27 more times.   It was another awesome an inspirational evening.  Special thanks to our resident Games photographer Tory Kornblum for these awesome photos (and, who killed 71 reps with 105 on the bar!)  Go Team SFCF!

WellnessFX Community Blood Draw This Friday, March 9th – 7 – 9 a.m.

At San Francisco CrossFit, we are dedicated to empowering our athletes to own and understand their own bodies. To maximize fitness and wellness, we believe it is critical to understand the impacts of our lifestyle. We have to go beyond nutrition and understand what is going on with each athlete’s personal biology. We cannot just speculate as to what is going on underneath the hood, we need real data. Regular biological assessment should be part of every athlete’s program.  To this end, we have partnered with WellnessFX to provide cutting edge biological assessment. This is not what you get at your doctor’s office – it will change your view about and behavior with regard to your health and wellness forever.

To learn more about the plans and pricing, visit the WellnessFX website.

What Will Happen on Friday?

The WellnessFX team, along with a certified medical professional, will be at SFCF from 7-9 a.m. to sign you up and collect your blood samples. They will measure over 75 health values from your blood (a typical doctor measures 5) and you will receive your results on the WellnessFX dashboard. You will then consult with WellnessFX physicians and specialists to review your results and develop an action plan. The blood re-test in will happen in 90-100 days and you will be able to track your improvements online.

** Please note – you must do an exercise “fast” for 24 hours before the blood draw and a food fast for 12 hours before the draw.

Interested?  RSVP Here

WOD 12.1 at SFCF

On Friday night we had 70 competitors and spectators show up at SFCF to perform the Crossfit Games Open WOD 12.1 – 7 minutes of burpees.    All of the competitors brought their A game for the workout and then went on to support all the other athletes when they were not competing.   The whole night was inspirational and an awesome kick-off to this Games Season.

Check out some of these photos from competitor (and de facto photographer) Tory Kornblum of the evening.  Go Team SFCF!

Schedule Update – Thursday Night Olympic Lifting Class

We will be adding an Olympic-Style weightlifting class at 7 p.m. on Thursday nights (starting THIS Thursday 3/1) with Coach Diane and are canceling the Level 2 class.   This class is part of your SFCF membership – there is no additional fee to attend.  This class will focus exclusively on the Olympic-Style movements including the snatch, clean, and jerk.

Olympic Lifting Club will continue on Saturdays from 12:30-2:30 and we will be adding a second night of Olympic Lifting Club in early April on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 p.m.   Stay tuned in late March for details.

5 p.m. Friday Class Cancelled During Crossfit Games Open

Please note that the Friday 5 p.m. class will be cancelled starting this Friday 2/24 – Friday 3/23 because we will be hosting the Crossfit Games Open WOD on Friday nights for the next 5 weeks.   The 5 p.m. class will resume on 3/30.