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Wednesday Jan 21, 2015

Wednesdays during this cycle will be dedicated to MetCon’s, Olympic Lifting Technique, and assistance strength.

Jan 21


A) Met Con: Power Snatch

B) 3×7 Deadlifts

c) Strict Pull Up’s


A) Met Con: Power Clean

B. Front Squat 3 x 9

C) Partner Med Ball Situps

Tuesday Jan 20, 2015

Tuesdays during this cycle will be dedicated to skills and MetCon piece.

Jan 20


A) Handstand walking

B) Row 500m + Bear Crawls + Burpees


A) Tempo Ring Push Ups

B) 18 min AMRAP: 15 Box Jumps, 12 Push Press, 9 Toes to Bar

C) Overhead Plate Sit Ups


First Programming Post: Week 1 (of 4), Monday Jan 19

Hey Wolf Pack! This is our first programming post on the SFCF website. Hang tight as we get everything dialed in.

Mondays during this current cycle will include A) Olympic skill MetCon, B) a strength piece, and C) abs/trunk stability exercise.

Jan 19

A) Chipper MetCon: 30 Powerclean, 30 Toes to Bar, 30 Burpees

B) Front Squat 7×3

C) Partner med ball sit ups

MEMBER PROFILE: Jonathan Ide-Don


Jon as a round young pup: on the right.

What’s your name? Where are you from? 

 Jon, born in Berkeley, raised in Moraga, California (a small suburb just east of Oakland).

1) Let’s start with something super simple; What’s your story with Crossfit?

I was lucky enough to meet one of the coaches, Sean McBride, when he interned at the physical therapy clinic I worked at a couple of years ago.  He introduced me to it, and after talking to him a bunch about it, I decided to dive in.  I took an intro series with him, and after my first class I was hooked.

2) Why the internship?

 I’ve learned a lot about movement in general, and strength and conditioning more specifically, from all of the coaches at the gym already just by training there and taking the 7 am classes.  I tried to take stuff I learned in the gym, and then apply it to patients I was treating at work, but I realized pretty quickly that I needed to get a lot better at watching,  teaching, and correcting movement.  So I thought why not go to the source and learn from the people who were teaching me how to move better?

 3) What’s the most personal thing you’re willing to share with me this instant? …And with the whole box really?

 How about a couple of things?

  1. I was really fat as a kid, like up until 8th grade, then I dropped a ton of baby fat when I started to run in high school (see kid pic).
  1. I was super intimidated the first time I walked through the front door of San Francisco Crossfit, I think the first workout I did had heavy back squats and some Olympic lifting in it.  Scared the crap out of me.  But I’m glad I stuck around!
  1. I love beer, my top two favorites are green flash west coast IPA and Russian river supplication.

4) Either Or’s!! Which do you prefer?

Pepsi or Coke:  Coke

PC or Mac: Mac all the way

Bacon or Gluten:  Can I say both?

Truth or Dare: Truth

Truth: What is the first thing you notice in people?

How they walk, then I try to guess if they have an old injury on one leg or the other.  It’s a weird game my wife and I both play.

5) What’s your story in the grand scheme of things?

Okay this is going to be a bunch of random things ran together:

I’m a campolindo cougar, UCLA bruin, physical therapist, and now intern at SFCF.  I met my wife in graduate school, and she’s probably more competitive than I am.  I love to learn, and I think if I could be paid to be in school, I would probably do it.  Aspiring professional beer taster.

6) Is there anything that you would like to share that you haven’t been able to?

I own more Lululemon clothing than my wife, and she never stops reminding me.


Whole Life Challenge FAQ

What is the Whole Life Challenge (WLC)?

The WLC is an 8 week nutrition and habit based challenge.

Why should I participate?

Ever dreamed of being healthier? Fitter? Stronger? Ever dreamed of following through and sticking to your nutrition goals? Build better habits with the SFCF community in 2015. We will come together and practice healthier habits for 8 weeks.

How does the WLC work?

The WLC works on a points based system. You can gain a certain number of points in different categories throughout the day by adhering to habits. For example, you have points allotted in the following categories: nutrition/food, mobility, exercise, and lifestyle habits. The more you follow the rules, the more points you earn!

Where can I sign up?

Don’t forget to register with our team: San Francisco CrosSFit!

How much does it cost?

Until Dec 30th: $39

Jan 1 – Jan 16: $49

Are there prizes?

Yes! There will be prizes. Details to come.

What if I still have more questions?

San Francisco Crossfit is happy to answer any and all of your questions! Chat us up at the gym or you can email



Overseer Adrian (A): Berger, how long have you been a member?

Berger (B): I’ve been a member of the gym since April of 2013. I saw Kelly 6 or 7 years ago in the parking lot, in his pain cave. When I was playing baseball at a really high level and when I injured myself I was recommended to come see him. So I always knew about SFCF and Kelly.

A: Where were you playing baseball before?

B: I played in college at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, out of college I signed with the Diamond Backs and played with them for a year. Then a short season in the AAA then I got let go by the Diamond Backs and got picked up by the Giants and played with them for about 2.5 half years between rookie ball and spring training and all over the place.

A: What do you do for a living?

B: I’m in the tech industry and have done various things there. I was at a startup called Fan-Tech doing product managing and now I’m at a company called Square doing sales for them.

A: You’re also a birthday boy. How old are you and do you have plans to rage hard this weekend?

B: I just turned 27, and absolutely not…maybe.

A: How was the Turkey Wod?

B: It was fun, had a very a good time. I like that everyone gets together in a fun atmosphere. This gym is great.  I’ve forged really close relationships with people that I didn’t know before settling down in San Francisco. Everyone has the same goal of trying to work hard and care about the San Francisco health and fitness lifestyle but also people have fun outside the gym, so it’s a really good mix and it’s a great community.

A: Where would you like to be in 5 years with respect to Crossfit and in life?

B: In Crossfit I’d like to try to be in a team and compete somewhere, I think there’s a great base of people here who are learning and getting better and in my personal life I want to be in charge.

Did this short and sweet interview leave you wanting to hear more about Andrew? We might have to do a follow-up with more information. Thanks Adrian & Berger!

MEMBER PROFILE: Mike & Jenny Puente

10374429_10152502292365992_5359705528887298929_nA: Today we are interviewing Mike and Jenny, owners of The House of Bagels on 14th and Geary and 5th year Crossfitters at SFCF. So, you two are married? You guys are dating? You’re a couple?

J: All of the above, ha-ha-ha.

M: We’ve been together like 20years. We’ve been married for, 14 years.

A: You two own “The House of Bagels” Are you guys the original owners?

J: This was opened in 1962; It was the first bagel bakery west of the Mississippi. So no. We’re not that old.

A: How did this happen? Were you both just like “We’re going to buy the bagel shop”.

M: She was a professor at a junior college in Illinois and I was working for a pharmaceutical company in Chicago. My parents owned this.

J: Oh and we were pregnant with our first, about six months pregnant, well, I was 6 months pregnant with our first.

A: Hey, passive pregnancy is a real thing. ;)

J: Yeah, It wasn’t quite what we had carved out, what we thought we would be doing. So this one night we were kind of like, Hey why don’t we buy a business and we can do all the stuff we had talked about.

J: Within 24hrs he gave notice at his job, we put our home up for sale. I was going to give notice but my faculty mentor had said, “Don’t tell anyone anything” because I had already developed online classes and I was on a tenured track position. So she told me to not say anything and just do what I needed to do and if it works out then you know, quit or move on. So I taught classes for a year here.

M: without anyone knowing she wasn’t in town.

A: nice, that’s smart.

J: Noo, I feel really bad.

M: And the baby was born like 2 weeks after she moved.

A: Jenny you were a professor, what is your training?

J: I am ABD, I received my job offer before doing my defense and my advisor retired before I finished my program in Cognitive Psychology.

A: And you Mike?

M: I have a masters in psychology and social psychology. I started in market research, and then I moved into the international marketing department. That was really challenging because I was travelling almost two weeks out of the month.

J: Well, we had also met in Santa Cruz and at that time life was hand to mouth. Pay rent and whatever is left you used on food. So when we moved to the Midwest for graduate school the plan was to get into our careers and move back to the bay area but work took us to different places. While we loved living in Chicago what we really wanted to do was to make it back to the Bay Area.

A: And somewhere down the line, You stumbled upon SFCF.

M: That was me, I was getting into exercising after not exercising since High school. I was doing a lot of different exercises and I was really serious about it, my friend Steve Green told me “you gotta check out this Crossfit thing” so I did some research and everyone was telling me “Yeah you should go do crossfitt” so I started in the parking lot about 5 years ago.

A:  Jenny I’ve seen you make some celebrity appearances at the gym, I haven’t pinned down what your normal time is. What convinced you to come in?

J: hahaha,  I love exercising, specially in the more traditional sports like tennis, but I was doing the same stuff as Mike 5 years ago and he was like “lets check out Crossfit”. My thing is that I always spread myself too thin across many things and, it may or may not be such a great thing, but that’s just me. With Crossfit, I was also doing Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and dancing. I also have some injuries I’ve had for decades, and depending on how that is I pick up and put down things over time. Right now, I’m working with John Post and I think he’s amazing and that’s probably when you see my cameos, but I’m also doing Yoga and dancing.

A:  Mike I see you much more often and you seem to love power lifting. Sir, may I say you are freakishly strong . What’s the deal?

M: hehe well, my mobility is so bad, The Olympic lifting is hard for me and I kind of have to muscle through a lot of the lifts, but strength comes a little more naturally to me I think.

A: I saw you playing around with 385 on the back squat and when I asked you about it you said “warming up.” Where are you at?

M: Well we haven’t tested the 1Rep Max yet, but that day was 4×5 at 415. I’m hoping to test at 500.

A:…. How old are you?

M: 41

A:….    :O   That’s amazing, All of it.

A: Would you like to share anything else with your fellow crossfitters and powerlifters?

J: Always get stronger, physical or mental.

M: Yeah keep learning.

A: There you have it people, Mike and Jenny Puentes. I had the pumpkin kregel, OMG. Delicious. I love everything pump-king, I promise, everything. The House of Bagels, On 14th and Geary. visit them at and on twitter: sfhouseofbagels   Thank you both.

P.S. They have gluten free bagels! ROOP, I’m talking to you.

MEMBER PROFILE: The Goldwaters

SFCF_Goldwater_portraitMember Profile with Christina Fang and Elliot Goldwater. Interview conducted by Overseer Adrian Cardenas.

A: I’m here with Christina Fang, thank you for letting me interview you. Christina, How are you doing?

Christina: I’m doing well.

A:What do you do?

Christina: I work in finance.

A: [lost & cofused] ok…

…[awkward silence]  Is that, exciting?

Christina: No, it’s kind of lame (lol).

A: ok moving on then, What do people need to know about you?

Christina: That I can do a strict pull up and back squat 160ish.

A: Hey, who do you love the least here? It doesn’t mean you don’t like them, just means that you love them, but less than others.

Christina: haha! I love everyone the same, but.. can I say who I love the most?

A: Fine, go ahead.

Christina: …Patrick Griffin, he was my first Crossfit teacher and he actually taught Elliot and I the day that we got engaged. It was our first Crossfit class.

A: Wow! That was your first Crossfit class! You know I’m going tell everyone? Did this guy [Elliot] propose before or after the WOD?

Christina: It was New Years Eve after the workout, I didn’t know.

A: That sounds romatic-ish, were you out of breath from working out? Were you even able to say yes or just nod? Why Crossfit?

Christina: Elliot had wanted to do Crossfit and we always worked out together. We did all sorts of fun stuff and a friend in New York did Crossfit and we used to tease him about it. So for Christmas, I got him one of the introduction packages. We did our first Crossfit day on New Years Eve and it was me, Elliot and Pat. I couldn’t do anything, not even a kip.

A: Why did he propose that day? Granted it was New Years Eve.

Christina: I think he had planned to do it, but I kind of ruined his plan by doing the Crossfit class first. We were going to go to Napa. We were just totally sore for doing some version of Elizabeth.

A: You two got married just recently too right?

Christina: Yeah like 2 months ago. We got married in Calastoga.

A: I don’t think my invite came in on time, Sorry I missed it though.

Christina: It was a really small wedding, mostly people from the east coast and then we went on vacation.

A: I feel like you should have kept the pattern going and you should have got married at the gym after the wod, and just said “I do” out of breath. Hold on,  !Hey Elliot!! Elliot come over here!! Elliot why did you propose after the workout?

Elliot: Well It was a few hours after the workout, not right after. I actually planned the whole proposal part for that day, and she planned the Crossfit as part of the Christmas gift… or Hanukah gift actually.

A: ohh, So the plan wazzz to go to Napa for the day?

The Goldwaters: Yeah,

Christina: ..but NOT do Crossfit during the day. I was like “but we need to do it! This is how you start the new year off right” so we did it.

Elliot: Pat Griffin.

A: Matchmaker Pat huh?

Christina: Yeah, I don’t know if he knows that actually.

Elliot: Yeah, I told him. (big smile)

A: Do you want to send Pat a messge?

Christina: Yo Patty, you’re our love connection.

Elliot: Ditto

A: Is there any message you want to send to people?

Christina: If you’re looking for something really fun, dynamic and challenging, Crossfit is really cool and you get much better exercising.

A: Anything else?

Christina: My favorite move is Doubleunders bahaha.

A: Doubleunders? ok. Are you the Doubleunders specialist that people need to look out for at Virtuosity?

Elliot: oohh! that’s what you should do. You should challenge a coach to Doubleunders.

A: Ooh.. do you want to challenge Pat Griffin?

Christina: Uhm, I think I could definitely challenge Patty Griffin.

Elliot: Who do you think would be the best at double unders of the coaches.

Christina: I bet, probably John Leo Post would be pretty good.

A: You know what? I don’t know but my PR for double unders is 128.

Christina: That’s why I wouldn’t challenge you.

A: Thank you guys for taking the time to share with us.

Christina: Write some good stuff about us.

A: I’ll make some stuff up. Something like, You guys met in grade school. Elliot used to pull your hair. jk. Where are you guys from by the way? Here?

Christina: We moved here from Manhattan, we met in New York city.

A: And… you two just packed up and moved to San Francisco?

Christina: Yeah, I was like “lets move” and elliot was like “ok”.

Elliot: True, I just do whatever she says.

Christina: Yeah and then Elliot’s like “lets do Crossfit” and I was like “ok”.

A: Alright. That was awesome! Thanks you two.

Virtuosity: the SFCF in-house Games, Saturday October 25th, 2014


Virtuosity, the in-house games at San Francisco CrossFit! Get ready for a full day of events! This year you can sign up as an individual or get together to create a team. Virtuosity gives us the opportunity to show case our technique and the strength we’ve been building during our training. While there will be several WOD’s to test your endurance, we hope to put the fun in fitness with the coaches challenge and some surprise tasks to keep you guessing. Prizes for everyone!


Early Bird Tickets are available until Sep 25th HERE.

Follow us on social media for updates on the event. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns:



SFCF: This month’s member profile is with Coach Edwin Johnson: Father, Lover, Coach, Educator and B-Boy extraordinaire. Ed You have been a part of the San Francisco Crossfit community for a while now, how did that start?

ED: Carl Paoli brought me in. Carl brought me in because he knew some of my friends that B-Boy and he invited me to a special friends class in the parking lot of dreams, that’s what he called it and we were there flipping tires. Me being who I am, and my approach to what I do in my life, it fit really well for me. I like that aspect of going hard in my workouts and then I saw a lot of improvement so I kept doing it.

SFCF: Ed, I know nothing about B-Boying except that it looks really cool. Can you break the movements down for me? How does it relate to what people do in Crossfit?

ED: Well it’s not just for gymnastics or B-Boying, but think about Crossfit in general, we break things down to the basic skeleton of basic movements. Think about those rules and mix them and bend them just a little bit to make it freestyle like in Carl’s book. I started to notice there were a few positions and movements in B-boying that were broken, that weren’t giving us enough torque or power. I noticed we can make a few small adjustments though that Gymnastics and Crossfit were teaching me and then I could get stronger and faster in those movements that were never addressed as a B-Boy.

SFCF: Do you compete in the B-boy arena? Is that the right term? What does that mean?

ED: That is the right term and it’s not overly organized and it’s not unionized. It’s an independent thing and you will typically have promoters that throw events. Some are more established and have big sponsors, others are basic promoters doing things at the local community level to work.  There are different competition levels; there is the international circuit, which would be the highest level of competing, there’s the national circuit and then there’s your local circuit. Those are the three different levels you have as a competing B-boy and we call them competitions, battles or jams. There’s a panel of judges that will decide one winner in a tournament style and you just work your way through and crown the champion at the end.

SFCF: How about you Ed, do you Jam out? Do you compete?

ED: Yes, I had a chance to compete at the international level at one point in my career and I’ve competed at that level for a really long time, for about 15years. Not so much anymore though, I’m more focused on coaching aspiring young b-boys and help these athletes breakthrough with some of the insight about body mechanics I discovered along the way. Hopefully they can skip some of those hurdles that I kind of had to deal with when I was getting started.

SFCF: Tell me about where you do all this. I know you do some of this work here at SFCF, you worked at AcroSports, you’re at a June Jordan School for Equity AND you’re a family man. To be short, you wear many different hats.

ED: Haha yeah I do, I still work at AcroSports and I’m at June Jordan. And yes I have a family.

I’ve worked at acro sports for a very long time and now I’m mostly just coaching there and I coach at levels. So, we have our basic level which would be gymnastics floor, and then moving athletes up and adding some Crossfit style movements into it. Then for the people who are aspiring to be a b-boy we add that aspect to it. Sometimes I have to work in reverse and teach a b-boy Crossfit movements and do gymnastics. At June Jordan I coach a wrestling team there. I work with athletes who are training and competing at a very high intensity and a very high pace. I wrestled in high school and that was my passion, that’s what got me into what I’m doing now. What I’m doing now is my way of going back to the basics and understanding why and how I do what I do and then sharing that.

SFCF: What about your personal life, your family life, how’s that? What’s their involvement?

ED: My family is super involved in everything that I do. I’m married and I have two kids, a boy whose 3 and a girl who is 1. I’ve been married for 3-5 years, somewhere in that neighborhood. I’m lucky that my family, from just being around, they pick up on a lot of things by watching me. I might not coach my son though, I think I might leave that for someone else I don’t want to be that one dad you know (laughs). But I do help him along the way and work to give him a solid foundation for what he decides to pursue.

SFCF: That’s so cool man, I think so much of the learning process is just watching other people and then replicating or imitating their movements. People do this everywhere and down the line this can, unfortunately, lead to injury but luckily your kids can see you move and you just have to provide little cues to keep them in a good position.

ED: Yeah the foundation thing, that goes to everything but that’s why there’s coaching. There are rules and concepts that need to be followed, they are important to making what you’re doing what it is.

SFCF: You have the opportunity to work with people at all sorts of Crossfit levels, and what I mean is this, when I started with Crossfit I had my “beginner phase” and then the phase where I thought I knew everything I needed to know.  Luckily, now I realize I don’t know anything and it’s really a lifelong learning experience. What are some pointers that you will give to new athletes but also hope to remind them that when they get better they don’t start making the mistake again?  

ED: People will watch something and they’ll want to apply it but not know exactly what they are doing. Everything is that way, b-boy-ing too but that’s where a coach is important because they can see what needs to be pointed out. This is true at any level, the beginner athlete and the advanced and seasoned veteran. The most common thing I see is that people don’t know what to do with their spine, especially when they are moving at high intensity or with heavy weight. That’s when coaching is super important because not only will it improve performance, which is what every athlete wants but also it’ll mitigate risk of injury. Check your spinal Position and be open to being coached.

SFCF: And here I am slouched on the couch, touche’ (haha). Open Forum Ed, What else do you want to share?

ED: I’m going to be launching a new site called ‘Athletic Wrestling’. This is going to take me back to my basics and allow me to share it on a broader scale. It will also include b-boy-ing. It’s gonna be an open forum website with information I come across and different guests. I really want to promote the sport of wrestling; it’s kind of a dying sport.

SFCF: When can we see this happen? What’s the website name? Who’s it for?

ED: We’re looking to launch at the end of November, which is the end of the wrestling season. It’s going to be This website is for anyone who cares about understanding movement, nutrition, and being healthy and fit. Wrestlers have weight classes to meet so this will be helpful to build nutrition plans. There’s going to be some b-boy stuff but you can find step by step videos on the renegade rockers starting in the spring of next year with tutorials.

SFCF: Thanks Ed.

This interview was preformed and written by Overseer Adrian of SFCF.