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WOD 12.1 at SFCF

On Friday night we had 70 competitors and spectators show up at SFCF to perform the Crossfit Games Open WOD 12.1 – 7 minutes of burpees.    All of the competitors brought their A game for the workout and then went on to support all the other athletes when they were not competing.   The whole night was inspirational and an awesome kick-off to this Games Season.

Check out some of these photos from competitor (and de facto photographer) Tory Kornblum of the evening.  Go Team SFCF!

Schedule Update – Thursday Night Olympic Lifting Class

We will be adding an Olympic-Style weightlifting class at 7 p.m. on Thursday nights (starting THIS Thursday 3/1) with Coach Diane and are canceling the Level 2 class.   This class is part of your SFCF membership – there is no additional fee to attend.  This class will focus exclusively on the Olympic-Style movements including the snatch, clean, and jerk.

Olympic Lifting Club will continue on Saturdays from 12:30-2:30 and we will be adding a second night of Olympic Lifting Club in early April on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 p.m.   Stay tuned in late March for details.

5 p.m. Friday Class Cancelled During Crossfit Games Open

Please note that the Friday 5 p.m. class will be cancelled starting this Friday 2/24 – Friday 3/23 because we will be hosting the Crossfit Games Open WOD on Friday nights for the next 5 weeks.   The 5 p.m. class will resume on 3/30.


How Crossfit Can Benefit Triathletes

Check out this article written by Coach Nate Helming about how Crossfit training can benefit triathletes.   Here’s a little snippet:

These days CrossFit has gained national attention with its explosive growth of affiliate gyms, the members who attend them, and the recent exposure of the CrossFit games on ESPN. With this attention comes both the enthusiast who praises the program and the skeptic who questions its safety and efficacy.

 When done correctly, CrossFit can be a fun, invigorating, and intelligent strength and conditioning program that can help get athletes over a frustrating plateau of persistent injury and stale performance, and onto a new upward athletic trajectory…



Team SFCF Represents At The SacTown Throwdown!

Congratulations to our TWO SFCF teams that competed last weekend in the SacTown Throwdown in Roseville!  Jessica Hall, Daphne Espinoza, Ryan Romines, and Sam Sailer all competed in the Novice Division landing 19th overall and Beth Helton, Lisa Warren, Chris Medeiros, and Nick Barsotti competed in the Open Division landing 14th overall.   With the exception of Nick Barsotti – who competed in the NorCal Regionals last year –  this was the first official Crossfit competition for all of our other athletes.   Some amazing moments include:  Lisa Warren being the only woman at the entire competition to be able to perform the back lever, holding it for more than 20 seconds; Dapne (who has never lifted an Atlas Stone) picked up and shouldered a 115# stone with perfect technique; Sam Sailer snatching 3/4 of his bodyweight a shit load of times; and our Open Team coming in 7th place in a workout called the “Quadathalon” that involved a lot of running, rowing, double unders, and burpees.   Way to show up and represent!  



Check out Christine Carosi’s Power Clean PR!

Holla to Christine for easily pulling a 153 lb PR during the noon power cleaning session today, all while wearing her bling sunglasses.   This video actually depicts her second attempt.   Go Christine!

Tonya White and Rachael Kayce Compete At FTF Affiliate Challenge!

Congratulations to SFCF Coach Tonya White and SFCF athlete Rachael Kayce for competing in the 3rd Annual FTF Affiliate Challenge hosted by Crossfit FTF in Fresno.  All of the proceeds from this event went to support the Children’s Hospital of Central California.   A total of 150 athletes competed with 18 women doing the workouts as prescribed (Tonya’s group) and 7 women in the scaled category (Rachael’s group).   After three grueling workouts, Tonya finished 10th overall and Rachael won her event!  They even sported their custom-made San Francisco Crossfit sports bras to represent at the event.   Go ladies!!!!!

Crossfit Games Open Registration Begins Tomorrow – February 1st!

On February 22, 2012, the Crossfit Games Open – the first stage of the Crossfit Games – will begin and San Francisco Crossfit will again be a qualified affiliate. Just like last year, this is your opportunity to compete in the Games and see how you fare against the projected 100,000 other competitors worldwide. The Open will be five workouts over a 5-week period, with a workout being published each Wednesday, beginning February 22nd. Competitors have until the following Wednesday to complete the workout, submit their score, and have it validated.

Registration Process

If you plan to compete in the Open at SFCF, you will need to complete a 2-step registration process:

(1)  Register Here at the Crossfit Games website on or after February 1st and identify SFCF as your affiliate AND,

(2) Email at SFCF to let us know you plan to compete this year.

The cost to register on the Games website is $10 and the cost to compete this year at SFCF will be $50 ($10/workout).

Here’s how it will work at SFCF:

We will be doing the Open WODs on FRIDAY NIGHTS from 6-8 or 5-8 depending on how many athletes register

Each time you compete, you’ll also need to judge another athlete.

We will be scheduling the heats in advance this year so you will know when you are judging and when you are working out – you will be expected to come early, warm up, and be ready to go at your scheduled heat time.

If you are out-of-town or can’t make one of the Friday workouts, we will help you figure out another time to complete the workout.

We will validate your score.

If you want to do the Open workouts but you don’t want to be a part of this Games scene, we’ll also be running the workout as our Saturday 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. group class workout but that will not be a judged/validated workout.

We plan to have a post-WOD potluck on Friday nights and a movie night after the last WOD in March.

We had a lot of competitors last year and we hope a lot of you will join the fun this year!

Get Unglued By Karla On Fridays – You Can Now Book Online!

Hey SFCFers!  Our own Karla Ferguson will be available for ungluing treatments in Kelly’s office on Fridays starting next week, February 3rd.   $75 for 1-hour, $105 for 90 minutes.  You can now book online HERE.

New Classes Starting Monday, February 6th

By popular demand, we are now adding 5 p.m. classes on Mondays and Wednesdays with Coach Nate which will mean we have a 5 p.m. 5x/week.   The first class will start on Monday, February 6th.   See you there!