Juliet Starrett

Monday, March 18th 2019

Crossfit A) 4 rounds for quality: 1 heavy kb turkish get up/arm 10 barbell goodmornings (weighted as desired) 50ft double kb front rack lunge B) 21-15-9 overhead squat-push press (95/65lb)- box jump (24/20″) Rx-Plus 115/75lb

Saturday, March 16th 2019

Crossfit Partner WOD: Run 200m-Run 400m-Run 600m-Run 800m-Run 600m-Run 400m-Run 200m After every run complete 20 power cleans-20 front squats-20 push jerks (95/65lb) *Partners run together. On barbell movements, one person works while the other rests to complete total reps