Crossfit Open 2016

Hey Team!

The format for our 2016 Crossfit Games WODs will be the same as last year. During the Crossfit Open (which starts February 25th), we will have our Friday classes be designated for Open workouts only. That means that the WOD for each class on Fridays for that time period will only be the Open workouts. For the last workout, which will be Friday March 25th, we will host a big party after our 5pm class to celebrate the Open. We’ll have tacos, beer, and Unfair Advantage for all my friends!


Make sure you register before February 24th!

Tuesday, February 9th 2016


A) Back squat 4×6 @ 75%+

B) Death by burpees, start at 2, go up by 2 each minute.  11 minute time cap. At 11 minutes Death by wallballs starting at 2 reps.


Aim to finish minute 10 of death by burpees

Metcon class

A) 3 rounds: 50 air squats, 100 double unders or 200 single unders, 30 pushups

B) 3 rounds: 30 mountain climbers, 30 situps

Monday, February 8th 2016


A) Gymnastics tempo strict strength work 15 min EMOM:

1) 4-8 strict pullups 2) 4-8 deficit pushups 3) 4-8 strict ring dips * Tempo 2020.

B) 21-15-9 Deadlift (225/155) Box jump (24″/20″)


A) Can sub strict handstand pushups for deficit pushups

B) Regionals 2014 workout:  21-15-9 Deadlift (315/205lb), box jump (30″/24″) 10 minute time cap

Metcon class

8 rounds, 3 minutes on 2 minutes off alternating between:

A)Row 500m plus max Overhead plate lunges B) Run 400m + max burpee box jumps

Friday, February 5th 2016


A) Deadlift 4X6 @ 75-80%

B) Run 800m, 20 CTB pullups, 20 ring dips,

Run 600m, 15 CTB pullups, 15 ring dips

Run 400m, 10 CTB pullups, 10 ring dips


Run 800m, 15 muscle ups, Run 600m, 10 muscle ups, Run 400m, 5 muscle ups

Metcon class

Row 2000m, 100 medball cleans, 100 situps, Run 1 mile

Thursday, February 4th 2016


A) Find a heavy triple strict press in 10 minutes. Then 7 min EMOM 3 reps @75-80% of A)

B) Open WOD 14.1: 10 minute AMRAP of 30 double unders, 15 power snatches (75/55lb)


Aim for 7+ rounds

Metcon class

10 intervals of 90 secs on 90 secs off. Alternating between A) and B)

A) 8 dumbbell thrusters + 8 pushups B) 8 pullups or ring rows + 12 jumping air squats

Wednesday, February 3rd 2016


A) 8x500m row, 2 min rest

B) Accumulate 30 strict HSPU or box HSPU in 7 min time cap


A) men aim for 1:50 and under, women aim for under 2:00

B) Accumulate 50 strict HSPU in 7 minutes

Metcon Class

30 min ascending ladder: 5-10-15-20….

 Air squat, burpee, box jump

Tuesday, February 2nd 2016


A) Find a heavy clean and split jerk in 15 minutes.

Then every 30 secs for 8 minutes 1 clean and jerk @ 70% of A)

B) 100 burpees for time


B) 100 burpees to a target 6″ above reach

Metcon class

10 rounds: Run 300m + 10kb swings + 10 pushups, go every 4 minutes.

*Scale reps accordingly to get at least 1 minute rest bw rounds

Monday, February 1st 2016


A) Find a heavy triple back squat. Then Max reps at 80% of A

B) 3 rounds of

run 400m, 21 kb swings (53/35), 15 pull-ups, 9 burpee box jumps (24/20″)


B) American kb swings (70/53), CTB pullups

Metcon class

7 intervals, 2 minute rest:

10 dumbbell thrusters, 12 V-ups, 14 walking lunges with dumbbells, 30 double unders