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Monday Feb 9, 2015

Your WOD for Monday Feb 9: First day of 530AM classes! Woo hoo!

A) 8 minute AMRAP of power clean’s and burpee pull-ups

B) Front Squats

C) Weighted Pull-Up’s

CrossFit Sport 

A) Chipper: 40 cal Row, deadlifts, toes to bar, and muscle-up’s

B) 4 rounds of dumb bell soldier walks and heavy star f*&krs

Saturday Feb 7, 2015

Mm, Donuts

Mm, Donuts

Mm, Coffee

Mm, Coffee

Friday Feb 6, 2015

Gettin' Fit



Thursday Feb 5, 2015







Long time member Doreen Di Salvo joined the SFCF team over the last several months. She runs retail in the office and just started the Winter internship. East coast transplant, now SF-lifer, Doreen has big plans for 2015.

1) What’s your name? Where are you from?

Doreen DiSalvo. Boston, MA.

2) Doreen! you have been at SFCF for a while, how did you get started here?

I started two and half years ago outside in the parking lot of dreams.  My boyfriend and I had just broken up and I was changing jobs all at the same time.  I needed something to keep my mind busy other than cycling (which I was burnt out from).

3) You recently started the Coaching Internship here, big congratulations to you on that. How does this play into your overall plans?

I haven’t figured that piece out yet.  I love coaching and seeing people get better.  I have coached in the past (10 years of spinning) and really started to miss that part of my life.  I want to find my niche and coach again.


4)What’s your favorite Fiction and your favorite non-fiction book?

 Tales of a Female Nomad.  Any travel or food memoirs right now.  Tyler Hamilton’s book about doping was pretty great. I forget the name.


5)What’s your favorite watering hole in the city?

Fat Angel


6) What’s the most personal thing you’re willing to share with me this instant?..and with the whole box?

I am a pretty open book – random private facts are weird.  Like I like puppies?


7) Along with numerous other members and staff, you ‘re doing the Whole Life Challenge. I know it’s early in the process but how’s it going?

I really like seeing the news feed to see how people are doing.  I do wish there was more tracing and accountability built into the system.

8) Truth AND Dare: 

Truth: What is the first thing you notice in people?

Are they coming towards me or away from me?  Boy or girl?  Let’s go with smile as the safe answer (guys walking away would be ass)


Dare: Submit a Duck face picture. :D  


9) You are one of our new interns and you just completed a strong man certification. How does this play into some of your over all goals?  

I didn’t do the cert but I am competing in my first powerlifting meet at the end of March and it scares the shit out of me.

10) Is there anything that you would like to share that you haven’t been able to?

Life is all about constantly doing things that scare you.  I already have two things that scare me this year.  What do you have planned?

SFCF Programming with Nate Helming


Athletes -
If you have been at SFCF for a while, you know we’ve gone through a lot of different programming phases. We have come to another bend in the road and are now on a brand new path with Coach Nate leading the way. Over the last few weeks, the coaches have put together a whole new workout schedule for you all. Nate took the time to seriously consider what SFCF’s core values are and how our programming is an expression of those values. Below is our programming defined.
In his own words, Nate writes…
“Before going too far down the rabbit hole, I wanted to step back and really think about what we want to accomplish with our program. Who are we? What do we as a gym and as coaches believe in? And what do we want to communicate, teach, and ultimately provide to our membership given our/their varied fitness goals.
Here are my thoughts below. I’ve tried to tap into the collective SFCF conscious as much as possible in writing down these thoughts and ideas as these will help guide me in terms of programming.”
Programming Purpose for SFCF
These are the values that we hold at San Francisco CrossFit. These values will continue to guide the program we choose for our membership and for ourselves. We believe our program represents who we are, what we believe in, and how we want to go about it!
We understand that our athletes live full lives outside the gym. Our training purpose is to enable this fuller life…in one hour per day.
We understand that our athletes come to us with limitations. Whether it is from years of limited range of motion, lack of exposure to strength and sport, and/or too much exposure to certain sports with the scars, injuries, and funky movement patterns to prove it!
We believe that position is power. We seek to improve our members athletic positions through consistent and progressive exposure to key athletic movements to improve our mobility and motor control through greater ranges of motion, speed, and load.
We believe in learning new things. We love making the complex simple. And we work hard to teach our members higher skill movements through steady exposure to well thought out progressions.
We believe in constant growth. We know new athletes will improve when going from not squatting to squatting. But we equally know that having a progressive and focused PLAN will continue to push and inspire our experienced members. We believe in getting our athletes to their first pull-up, to their fiftieth, to their five hundredth pull-up.
We believe in having fun, and A LOT of it. Running a CrossFit gym is serious work that we don’t take too seriously. That said, we are professional coaches who push ourselves daily to be better coaches, to have a stronger and more vibrant gym community, and to constantly give our members access to the best coaching and programming on the planet.
That and the best doughnuts. We regularly push for those too.


Wednesday Feb 4, 2015



Sporty Sport

Sporty Sport

Tuesday Feb 3, 2015



Looks like a lot of work.

Looks like a lot of work.

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