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Throwdown At TJ’s Gym

On Sunday, April 22nd, 10 SFCF athletes participated in a friendly throwdown against TJ’s Gym in Mill Valley.    SFCF’s team included Erin Moody, Courtney Walker, Jessica Hall, Christine Carosi, Danielle Rabkin, Jason Collins, Mike Puente, Vito Azzolino, Ethan Kochis, and Lawrence Wong.  They participated in two grueling workouts designed by Kelly Starrett and did an awesome job representing!   A re-match is tentatively planned at SFCF on June 17th so save the date! Awesome job Team SFCF!

Doyle Drive Closure This Weekend

By now most of you know about the Doyle Drive tear-down this weekend.  Doyle Drive will be closed from 8 p.m. on Friday night to 5 a.m. on Monday morning.   The best way to enter the Presidio on Saturday morning will be through the Marina Blvd. entrance as many of the cross-streets leading down to Crissy Field (Gorgas and Halleck) will be closed to through traffic.   We will continue with our Saturday morning classes but be prepared for traffic and probably parking craziness.  If you drive, leave yourself plenty of time to find parking and please do not park in the Sports Basement front lot.   If at all possible, please bike, run, walk or carpool to class on Saturday.    You can read more about closures here:

Slow It Down, By Diane Fu

Grace, strength and athleticism. Those are 3 words that come to mind when I watch one of my weightlifting heroines Natalie (Woolfolk) Burgener snatch. In this video, she’s just tapering off 3 weeks from the Olympic Trials this past March and here she demonstrates for us the WOD: Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1.

Having just peaked for one of the biggest competitions of the year (excluding the Summer Olympics), Natalie isn’t in top shape. She explains that she needs to think of staying tight in her core and bringing the bar back from the beginning cause that’s usually when the lift goes astray. So true. As we move around our own training room, many of our athletes have adopted a rather “grip and rip” mentality thinking speed off the floor is a compensatory measure for proper positioning and technique. If we look at the mechanics of the first pull (floor to just above the knees), the purpose of this phase is solely to keep position and bring the bar to the start of the even more coveted second pull where the hamstrings become maximally loaded and the athlete can start the explosive transition with the barbell. Any deviation of this path, and the athlete will sacrifice some explosive potential. Not cool.

So then, what’s the solution? Slow it down. A lot. Seriously. Speed is only good if you can keep your position and pull the bar back in towards your hips. If that ain’t happening, neither is your lift. Most of us will be snatching loads well under what we can deadlift so what’s the rush? We know we can handle picking the barbell up. Try instead doing a 3, 2, 1 count as you come off the floor; and as soon as you pass your knees, accelerate and complete your extension with a viciousness that would make your mama proud. This will at least give you the fighting chance to then turn yourself around and get under that weight before gravity comes and bites you in the donkey. Watch how Natalie cultivates her speed from the floor being patient until she passes her knees before beginning her acceleration. It’s a like a game of chicken, except the barbell is the other driver. If you flinch too soon and engage your speed, the barbell wins and will pull you forward out of position. Don’t be a chicken.


How To Use Crossfit Like A Triathlete, By Nate Helming

In his recent article published on, Coach Nate discusses what triathletes and other endurance athletes should consider when considering adding CrossFit to their programs. He suggests that they: do their research and find a reputable box with a solid onramp basics program; they should be responsible for their own injuries and weak areas; they should prioritize mobility and lifting mechanics over all other things; they should remember to prioritize their own sport over competing in CrossFit itself; and finally they should take a long and patient view towards learning and developing all the new skills and technique CrossFit has to offer.  Read the full article here


Grass Fed Meat & Organic Veggie CSA Coming to SFCF

We are delighted to announce that Tara Firma Farms is going to be doing a meat and vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) drop at SFCF once a month starting on April 12th.   Tara Firma Farm is located in Petaluma and specializes in pasture raised chicken, grass fed beef, pasture raised pork, pasture raised chicken eggs, and seasonal organic produce.   Their boxes are a mix of chicken, beef, and pork, allowing you to enjoy many cuts not experienced before (recipes included) and various seasonal vegetables and fruits.   Eggs and other items can also be added to your box.   They also offer free farm tours every weekend to CSA members so, if you are interested in checking out where your food comes from, you can have a look.   This is a great way to support local farms and get really high-quality food directly to you.

The Details

  • Tara Firma will drop your meat/eggs/veggies at SFCF on the second Thursday of every month at 3:00 p.m. so you can come and pick it up anytime after that.    The meat is packed in a cooler with ice so can easily be picked up at night when you come to class.
  • You can choose a Meat Share, a Veggie Share, or do a mix of meat and veggies.
  • There is a minimum order of $100 but you may select a mix of meat, veggies, and eggs to meet that minimum.
  • In addition to your box, you can shop on the farm’s web store to add additional items to your box if, for example, you know you are having a dinner party and want a  particular cut of meat or specific veggies.   They have eggs, gluten-free breads, dairy products, and more.
  • You can change your order the week before and put a vacation hold on if you are out of town.
  • Read more about how the CSA Shares work HERE

How To Sign Up

  • Start the sign-up process HERE
  • Select SF-Crossfit Presidio as your pick-ups site
  • When you choose your type of share, select San Francisco Monthly
Once you sign-up, we will send reminders about your pick-up.
If you have any questions, email us.

WellnessFX Community Blood Draw This Friday 7-9 a.m. – RSVP Today!

As most of you know, we are big fans of the work WellnessFX is doing with their biological assessments.  They have released this new awesome video which features a ton of SFCF athletes at work – check it out and get signed up for your blood draw today!

What Happens on Friday?

The WellnessFX team, along with a certified medical professional, will be at SFCF this Friday, March 30th from 7-9 a.m. to collect your blood samples. They will measure over 75 health values from your blood (a typical doctor measures 5) and you will receive your results on the WellnessFX dashboard shortly thereafter.  You will then consult with WellnessFX physicians and specialists to review your results and develop an action plan. The blood re-test in will happen in 90-100 days and you will be able to track your improvements online.

Interested?  RSVP Here

** Please note – you must do an exercise “fast” for 24 hours before the blood draw and a food fast for 12 hours before the draw.

WOD 12.5 at SFCF – A Great End To The 2012 Open

After five long weeks of hard work, determination, and dedication, over 60 San Francisco Crossfit athletes completed the 2012 Games Open this year.   We had a huge crowd every Friday night including a ton of supporters and spectators and it was awe-inspiring to see athletes complete their heat only to get right up and support their fellow SFCFers.   Most importantly, we met our main goal of qualifying a team for the Regionals in May!   From a results standpoint, Beth Helton and Lisa Warren did exceptionally well, finishing 59th and 56th respectively – well enough to qualify as individuals – awesome.   The Regionals will be held at the same location as last year in San Jose so Save The Dates (May 18-20) to come out and support our team!  We want to see a Sea of Pink at the Regionals!  Thanks again to our unofficial team photographer Tory Kornblum for these awesome pictures every week.









Fabric Shortage In Marin County

SFCF Coach Robert Tuller celebrated his 48th birthday last Saturday and spent part of his day with his rag-tag group of runners in the mud on Mount Tam.   In honor of his birthday and in celebration of his unique fashion sense, his regulars including Monica Madsen, Karrie Hutchins, Damon Waldron, and Ryan Romines, who drove over from SFCF in pants, surprised Coach Tuller by stripping down to their own short-shorts.   Check out some of the photos from their day including the awesome t-shirt they made for Tuller which says “Who Wears Short Shorts” on the front and “Coach Tuller wears short shorts” on the back.  I’m not sure that Ryan and Damon’s thighs have ever seen the sun before this day but they all look awesome and I know Coach Tuller was simply delighted.  Happy Birthday Tuller!





Karrie Hutchins Completes A 50K!

Huge congrats to SFCFer Karrie Hutchins for finishing the Way Too Cool 50K on Saturday in a blazing time of 5 hours and 52 minutes!   What is even more awesome is that she did Games WOD 12.3 earlier in the week and reports being sore from that but not from the 50K.   Awesome.  Way to go Karrie!!!

WOD 12.3 at SFCF…The Epic MetCon

It was another epic Friday evening at SFCF with metcon madness!  Beth Helton completely slayed this workout with 373 reps and Damian Marano was close behind with 349 reps.   It was another night of inspiration with a huge group of spectators and competitors – including George’s twins below.  Thanks again to our resident Games photographer Tory for taking these pics of a great night!  Go Team SFCF!

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