Workout of the Day

Tuesday, August 8th 2017

Crossfit A) 10 minute EMOM: 1-2 split jerks, with 2 second pause in catch position before recovering feet. *Ascending weight as form allows B) 20 minute AMRAP I-go-you-go style. Run 200m w/slamball+ 50 ft slamball lunge (50/40lb) *Substitute plate (35-55lb)… Read more »

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Crossfit 4 rounds for total time: 18 wallballs-11 box jump overs-7 deadlifts (225/155lb)-run 600m *Rest 3 minutes after each round *Pick box height that you can clear without touching box. Rx-Plus 275/185lb, 24/20″ box , 11/10″ wallball target Metcon Class … Read more »