Kristin Newman

Kristin brings to the table a diverse athletic experience which she draws from to address athlete needs. Kristin started ballet classes when she was 5 years old, competing in team and individual dance competitions at local and national levels through high school. In college she joined the university judo team, earned her black belt while studying in Japan, and also competed nationally. It was during her time as a judo player that Kristin was introduced to CrossFit and credits CrossFit conditioning to helping her achieve a second place finish at USA Judo National Collegiates in 2005.

After moving to California and trying her hand at the Napa Valley Marathon, Kristin thumbed her nose at endurance running and started competing in Olympic weightlifting, placing third at the USA Weightlifting American Open in 2010 and third at the USA Weightlifting National Championships in 2011. Kristin also dables in capoeira, pole dancing, powerlifting, and static trapeze.

Kristin’s coaching goals include giving people the strength, power, coordination and confidence to attack any physical challenge, succeed, and have fun doing it. She believes that the body was meant to move in many different ways and that we are meant to find joy in discovering new ways of moving.

B.S. in Genetics, Texas A&M University
M.S. in Medical Sciences, Texas A&M Health Science Center

CrossFit level one coach
National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach