Sean McBride

Sean is a Bay Area native, growing up in Santa Cruz. From a young age he has been active, participating in a wide variety of youth sports ranging from little league baseball to junior lifeguards. In high school Sean began to play rugby, which soon became his passion. Sean continued to play rugby after moving to Los Angeles where he attended Loyola Marymount University. Playing rugby in college allowed Sean to travel to several foreign countries including Argentina, Ireland, England and Wales. After graduation Sean continued to travel with the highlight being a year spent living in Australia.

Sean began CrossFit in 2010 to improve his fitness for the upcoming rugby season. He quickly fell in love with CrossFit for its own sake. After a year as a member at his gym in Los Angeles he made the transition to coaching private clients as well as regular classes. Sean coached for 6 months before moving to San Francisco to attend graduate school at UCSF for physical therapy in June of 2011. Before the moving boxes had even been unpacked he made the trip down to Crissy Field to join San Francisco CrossFit, where he has been a member ever since.

Sean is currently working toward his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at UCSF/ SFSU. He holds a CrossFit level one certification and a Mobility certification. Additionally Sean has received his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA. His strong belief is that movement is essential to quality of life, and that optimizing movement is the best way to improve health. Through his experience coaching, constant study of top thinkers on exercise, and knowledge of human anatomy Sean has developed a keen eye for human movement, and a boundless desire to share

When not in class or at the gym Sean enjoys surfing, cheering on the Giants, and a nice hoppy IPA.