Thursday, May 16th 2019


A) 4 rounds:
Row 500m-Run 400
Rest 3 minutes
Then 7-10 minute rest
B) For time:
40 db deadlifts-30 db hang power cleans-20 db front rack lunges-10 db thrusters (35/25lb)
*9 minute cap


50/35lb dbs

Metcon Class

A) 10 minute EMOM:
pushups+ slamballs
Rest 5 minutes
B) 10 minute EMOM:
wallballs (20/14lb) + kb swings (53/35lb)
*For each EMOM athlete chooses the reps. Must be equal reps for each movement. For example 8 pushups+ 8 slamballs or 10 wallballs + 10 kb swings
C) Coaches choice