Monday, June 10th 2019


16 minute EMOM:
1) 3-6 bar MU or 5-10 chest to bar pullups
2) 4-8 strict HSPU
3) 6-8 double kb presses with 1sec pause at top. *Touch knuckles together at bottom of each rep
4) rest
B) 3 rounds for time. Rest 2 minutes after every round:
15 db GTOH (35/25lb)-20 alternating pistols-90 double unders
*20 minute time cap


50/35lb, 30 pistols each round

WOD Notes

Since you get a 2 minute rest after every round, the intention is to push to do each movement in as few sets as possible. So aim for larger sets, but don’t rush any movement; smooth is fast. Consistency is key on rounds 2 & 3.