Tuesday, June 11th 2019


A) Clean + Hang clean. Go every 90 seconds for 10 rounds
*Start at a moderate weight & ascend in weight as form allows
B) ” Death Race”
5 rounds for time:
15 calorie bike-10 burpees
*Sub row if no bikes available

WOD Notes

This WOD is a comptrain benchmark workout. It is intended to be done on an assault bike, but most will do it on the bike erg. This workout will test your physical aerobic capacity and also your mental toughness. As the name implies, the workout is meant to push you into the pain cave. Push hard and have some fun!

Metcon Class

25 minute AMRAP:
50ft farmers carry lunge (35/25lb) or (50/35lb)
15 toes to bar
30 double unders
50ft broad jump
15 db thrusters
30 double unders