Thursday, June 13th 2019


A) 3 rounds:
Row 750m-Run 600m
Rest 4 minutes after each round
B) 5 minute AMRAP:
4 reps bear complex (95/65lb)-20 lateral hops over bar
*1 rep bear complex is clean + thruster+ back squat + behind the neck press *Can consolidate it into a cluster + back rack thruster


115/75lb or 135/95lb

WOD Notes

The focus today is on aerobic capacity work. We’ve worked up from 500m-400m intervals to 750m-600m. The rest gets 1 minute longer and you’ll do one less round. Try and push the pace on each row and run knowing you get a long rest after, but try to keep all 3 rounds within 15 seconds of each other. Then we’ll finish cardio day of with a short barbell burner.

Metcon Class

A) alternating EMOM:
1) 10 kb swings (53/35lb) + 10 jumping air squats
2) max burpees
*Workout ends when you accumulate 100 burpees
*20 minute cap
5-10 minute rest
B) For quality:
10 strict pullups-20 ring rows-30 V-ups-40 hollow rocks-50 second weighted plank