Friday, August 9th 2019


A) For quality 4 rounds of :
6 strict press
8/side single leg RDLs (holding one kb in each hand)
10 db bench press
B) 10 minute alternating EMOM
1) 5 thrusters (135/95lb)
2) 8-10 burpee box jumps



WOD Notes

The metcon tomorrow is a 10 minute alternating EMOM. The thrusters are intended to be a heavy, but unbroken set of 5. The burpee box jumps will get the heart rate up. Try to get the thrusters done in the first 20-30 seconds of the minute. The burpee box jumps will take the majority of the minute so you may just have a quick 10-20 seconds to recover before hitting the heavy thrusters.