Thursday, August 15th 2019


2 rounds for time:
Building lap-50 wallballs-Building lap-40 pullups-building lap-30 hang power clean + jerks (95/65lb)
*Modify to 30 pullups per round if you are not proficient at kipping pullups *40 minute time cap

WOD Notes

We’ve been doing a lot of aerobic capacity intervals on Thursdays and also a lot of running, so we will put that to the test today with a long aerobic piece that will combine a lot of running with some common Crossfit movements. Plan how you want to break up the movements and pace the runs appropriately and have fun!

Metcon Class

A) 20x30secs on 45 secs off:
1) calorie row 2) burpee to 6″ target 3) db GTOH (35-40lb/25-30lb) 4) air squat B) For quality:
60 second plank hold on hands-50 ab mat situps-40 db russian twists -30 hollow rocks -20 plank to pushups-10 strict toes to bar