Friday, September 6th 2019


A) Deadlift 5×5
Start @65% and ascend in weight each set as form allows
Superset with 10 db Z presses
*25 minute cap
B) 21-15-9
db alternating db snatch (60-70lb/40-50lb)- box jump over (24/20″)
Then rest 1 minute and complete 30 db single arm hang clusters
Switch hands every 5 reps.
*If needed , use a slightly lighter db for the hang clusters

WOD Notes

In todays metcon, make sure you power snatch each rep instead of muscle snatching. You will be working with a heavier db and need to save your shoulders for the heavy clusters at the end. Go hard on the first piece, take the short rest and then chip away at the 30 reps 5 at a time.