Monday, September 9th 2019


A) Front squat: 5×6. Start @65% 1RM and ascend each set as form allows
B) 30 power clean and jerks for time (135/95lb)
* Every time you break a set, stop and perform 15 burpees. *10 minute time cap

WOD Notes
In todays metcon, we are performing Grace, but with a twist. Every time you break a set of clean and jerks you have to perform a 15 burpee penalty. In order to get a big set of touch and go clean and jerks each set, focus on going straight from the power clean into a push jerk each without an extra dip, and make sure you don’t push press any reps. Take a short pause at the top of each rep to breathe. This workout will involve strategy, so make sure you take adequate rest after each set of burpees to ensure you can get through another big set of clean and jerks. If you rush into it, you may just end up doing more burpees.