Thursday, October 31st 2019


A) 3 sets not for time of:
10 single leg RDLs holding db or kb in each hand
8/side heavy single arm db push presses w/1 second hold at top of each rep
5 false grip ring pullups *Sub false grip ring rows *20 minute cap
B) 1500m row @ 80% effort
Rest 2 minutes
Then 5 rounds of
Row 15/12 calories-6 burpees over the erg
Rest 1 minute after each round
*20 minute time cap


strict ring MU

Metcon Class

Partner WOD:
db cluster (50/35lb)
box jump overs
burpees to a 6″ target
*Perform I-go-you-go style for each movement. So partner A performs 10 db clusters, then partner B does 10 db clusters, then Partner A does 10 box jump overs, then partner B does 10 box jump overs, etc etc.