Thursday, November 7th 2019


3 sets not for time of
10 db box step ups/side- 2 turkish get-ups/side- 10 ring pushups
B) 10 minute EMOM:
1st minute: 5 overhead squats (115/75lb) + 1 burpee
2nd minute: 5 OH squats + 2 burpees
Increase 1 burpee each round till you get to 5 OH squats + 10 burpees final round.
*If you fail to finish a round, take the next minute off and then resume where you left off
*Modification: front squats


135-155lb/95-105lb and bar facing burpees

Metcon Class

12 x 30 secs on 30 secs off for max reps alternating between
1) air squat 2) kb swing (53/35lb) 3) box jump
Rest 5 minutes
Then 12x 30 secs on 30 secs off alternating between max reps
1) slamball (40/20lb)
2) calorie row
3) db push press (35/25lb)
*So you will do 4 rounds of every movement