Thursday, February 13th 2020


A) Find a 1RM back squat in 25 minutes
B) 10 min alt. EMOM:
1) 5 touch and go squat snatches
*Choose a weight between 95/65lb and 135/95lb
2) 5 pull-ups-10 lateral hops over bar- 15 air squats or 4-8-12 reps


Chest to bar pull-ups

Metcon Class

6×3 minutes on 2 minutes off alternating between A and B
A) AMRAP 12 alt. db snatches (50/35lb)-12 box jump overs (24/20″)
B) AMRAP 14 single arm OH db lunges-12 burpees over db
*For OH lunges, switch arms on consecutive rounds