Tuesday, February 25th 2020


A) 3 rounds for quality of :
50ft (weighted) tabletop bear crawl
10 feet elevated ring rows
1 minute wall-sit
15-20 second chin over bar hold
B) 6×2 min on 2 min off of:
30 double unders-10 box jump overs (24/20″)-8 db renegade rows (40/30lb). Then max db lungesters in remaining time
*One lungester is one db thruster+ one db front rack lunge per leg
*Note that renegade rows do not include a pushup, just 8 total rows in a plank position , 4/side.
*Score is total # lungesters. Goal is to aim for ~40.


50/35lb dbs

Metcon Class

A) 5 rounds for time of:
Assault/echo bike 12/10 calories-12 jumping goblet squats
*10 minute cap
Rest 3-5 minutes
B) 5 rounds for time of:
15 russian kb swings-12 tuck jumps-10 toes to bar or hanging tuck ups
*10 minute cap
Rest 3-5 minutes
C) 5 rounds for time of:
10 slamballs (30/20lb)-10 burpees over slamball
*8 minute cap.