Wednesday, March 18th 2020

12×20 seconds on 10 secs off rotating through:
1) long lunges
2) 1 pushup + 2 ankle taps
3) alternating straight leg kicks
4) bridge ups
*So 3 rounds of each movement total
*For long lunges, interlock arms overhead, take a big step out and try to keep back leg straight to get a good hip flexor stretch.
* For bridge ups, start sitting on your but with your hands next to your hips, fingertips facing away from you. Lift your hips up until you are in the top of a crab walk position.

Bodyweight WOD
15 minute alternating EMOM:
1) max reps ascending ladder 1 situp-1 V-up-2 situps-2 Vups..etc etc
2) max rep burpees
3) max reps ascending ladder 1 pushup-1 rotational mountain climber-2 pushups-2 rotational mountain climbers-etc etc
4) max reps lateral hops over object
5) rest
*Modify V-ups to tuck ups. For rotational mountain climbers, drive opposite knee to opposite elbow.

Minimal Equipment WOD
12 minute alternating EMOM:
1) 12 burpees
2) 7/side single arm db thruster
Rest 3-5 minutes
Then 12 minute alternating EMOM
1) 50 double unders or 30 seconds of high knees
2) 5/side single arm db hang clean and jerk
*Can be done with db or kb. Modify reps as needed to get 20-30 seconds rest each minute.

Accessory work
3-4 rounds for quality of:
8/side bulgarian split squats (weighted or unweighted, back foot on couch or chair or box)
8/side single arm db bent over rows
(bodyweight option: Fill a backpack with books or flour or whatever. Hold it in both hands and do 10-15 bent over rows)
1 minute plank