Friday, March 20th 2020

90 second couch stretch/side
Then 2 rounds of:
5/side straight leg kick into reverse lunge
20-30 second handstand hold-approx
30ft tabletop bear crawl
approx 30ft duck walk.
Bodyweight WOD:
2 minutes on 1 minute off:
15 hollow rocks-30 mountain climbers-10-15 object ground to overhead. In remaining time max reps 10m shuttle sprint.
Workout ends when you accumulate 100 10m shuttle sprints
*Cap at 9 rounds
*Do normal mountain climbers where you keep shoulders over hands and drive front knee to chest keep front foot off the ground
*For object ground to overhead you can fill up a backpack or use any object ideally weight ~25lbs. If it is a heavier object or more awkward to get overhead do 10 reps. If it is quick and lighter to get overhead do 15 reps.
*Remember to touch the ground with hand on each shuttle sprint.
Minimal Equipment WOD
Run 800m
Then 2 rounds of
25 alt. single arm db squat cleans
25 burpees
25 single arm push press
25 V ups
Then buy out with 800m run.
*In round 1 do all 25 push press on one arm. In round 2, do all 25 on the other arm.
*For db squat cleans touch one end of the db to the ground then clean it to the front rack while riding down into a squat. Switch hands each rep. *If unsure of distance run approx 3.5-4 minutes. If you can’t run sub 90 secs high knees + 90 seconds jumping jacks or jumprope.
*If you have a kb, sub kb goblet cleans.

Accessory Work:
3-4 rounds of:
8 regular stance good mornings + 8 wide stance good mornings
*Hold weight at chest, or wear weighted backpack or do them banded
10 controlled deadbugs
10 weighted upright rows
8/side db bicep curls