Monday, March 23rd 2020


2-3 rounds of:
8-10 kang squats
10 Broomstick/Jumprope/PVC pipe pass throughs
5 pushup to downward dog
30ft spiderman crawl
*For kang squats, interlock hands behind head. Start with a good morning, then bring hips forward and sit into bottom of a squat, then shoot hips back up into a good morning, then stand up

Bodyweight WOD

20 minute AMRAP:
10 air squats *Half way up/down up
12 no-pushup burpee jumping jacks
14 alternating curtsy reverse lunges
16 bent over back pack row + hang to overhead
*For air squats, go all the way down, then half way up, then back down, then all the way up. That is one rep.
*With a loaded back pack, hold back pack with one hand on each side. Do one bent over row, then stand up and snatch the backpack overhead in one motion. That is one rep.

Minimal Equipment Workout
Every minute on the minute complete:
8 situps+ 12 air squats then max single arm db alternating devils press in remaining time
Workout ends when you complete 50 total single arm db devils press
*15 minute time cap
*Reduce reps of buy in as needed to get 20-30 seconds for db devils press
*This workout will move fast because there is no rest. Make sure you keep track of your total devils press reps!
*If you are using a kb, do burpee next to kb then grab kb and snatch it overhead. Switch arms each rep

Accessory Work
3-4 rounds for quality:
Floor press 8-10 controlled reps/side
(Weighted) glute bridge thrusts 10 reps (shoulders on couch)
(Weighted) step ups 8-10 reps/side
30 second (weighted) good morning isometric hold*
*Put db or kb or weight of choice on back of shoulders. With feet in squat stance go to the bottom position of a good morning with black flat like a table top and hold there for 30 seconds