Saturday, May 16th 2020

2 rounds:
10 alternating leg kicks
10 bridge ups
10 steps forward + backward duck walk with arms locked out overhead + 20 second hold in squat with arms locked out
10 plank jacks + 10 shoulder taps + 10 ankle taps

Minimal Equipment WOD @ 8am with Coach Geoff

Bodyweight WOD @ 10am with Coach Lisa

Minimal Equipment WOD

A) 10 minute EMOM:
1 wall walk + 5 db push press/side
*See video on SFCF members FB page for standards for wall walk and modification for wall walk
*Modify to strict press each side if using a lighter db
*Modify reps up or down as needed to be challenging yet sustainable

Rest 3-5 minutes

B) 10 minute EMOM:
single db overhead squats + single db overhead knees to standing
*Athlete choose the reps. Must be equal reps, ex: 5+5 or 6+6
*Use same arm for all reps in one minute. Next minute, switch arms
*See video on SFCF members FB page for demo of overhead knees to standing

C) 3-4 sets of:
10 seated leg lifts
10 supine leg lifts with db locked out over chest
10 toes touches
Rest 1 minute
*See video on SFCF members FB page for demo of ab complex

Bodyweight WOD

A) 20 minute alternating EMOM
1) 24-30 jumping lunges
2) AMRAP 5 situps+ 5 supine leg lifts
3) 15 backpack ground to overhead
4) 20 second forward leaning plank (on hands) into 40 second elbow plank

B) 3 sets of:
15 controlled tempo backpack upright rows
30 second arch hold
6-12 clapping pushups