Tuesday, May 19th 2020


2 rounds of:
20 mountain climbers + 20 plank jacks
6 windmills/side
In perfect stretch, 8/side elbow to ground then twist
10 air squats pulling arms overhead each rep
6/side leg swing into reverse lunge

Minimal Equipment WOD @ 8am

Bodyweight WOD @ 10am

Minimal Equipment WOD

Holly’s B-day & Farewell WOD!
4 rounds for time of:
29 alternating db snatches
29 jumping lunges
29 db squats **
29 burpees
29 hollow rocks
*On round 1, do left arm db OH squats. On round 2, do right arm db OH squats. On round 3 do left arm db front squats. On round 4 do right arm db front squats
*35 minute time cap

Bodyweight WOD

20×45 seconds on 30 seconds
off alternating between
1) max reps pushup + bear crawl in & out
2) reverse burpees
3) bent over rows
4) alternating goblet forward/reverse lunges
(So 5 rounds of each)