Saturday, May 23rd 2020


1 minute couch stretch/side
20 PVC pipe/jumprope/broomstick shoulder pass throughs
10 controlled tempo overhead squats
20 ankle taps
20 second plank hold w/right arm extended
20 second plank hold w/left arm extended
20 alternating step out to perfect stretch
5 feet together burpees
50 lateral hops

Minimal Equipment WOD @ 8am

Bodyweight WOD @ 10am

Minimal Equipment WOD

20x 45 seconds on 30 seconds off max reps:
(4 rounds of each)
1) bent over row + curl to press
2) weighted step ups left leg
3) weighted step ups right leg
4) pushup + plank jack
5) 1 1/4 jumping air squats
*For minute 1, hold 1 db with hands on heads of db
* For step ups, hold weight as desired. Keep same leg on top of box for all 45 seconds. Try to not push off the back leg.
*A plank jack is when you jump your feet out into a straddle position and then jump your feet back together, all while staying in a plank, so AMRAP 1 pushup + 1 plank jack for minute 4

Bodyweight WOD

Comptrain WOD “Macho Taco”
A) 5 rounds x AMRAP 3 minutes:
60 double unders
20 jumping lunges
Max rounds of backpack/odd object “Macho Man”
(3 power cleans + 3 front squats + 3 shoulder to overhead)
Rest 1 minute between rounds

B) 3 sets:
12 lat pullovers + 12 upright rows + 12 bicep curls
10/side weighted single leg RDL
20-30 second reverse plank