Friday, July 31st 2020

Outdoor WOD

A) Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes complete
30 seconds slingshot/hip circle monster walk +
8 pause back squats @ challenging weight of choice

*Try to find a tight slingshot/hip circle to use. Stay in a quarter squat position and step side to side

B) Grace
30 clean and jerks for time (135/95lb)
*8 minute time cap.

*After you finish Grace, rest exactly 2 minutes. then accumulate max rounds of 10 bent over rows (135/95lb)-30 mountain climbers in remaining time. If you finish after 6 minutes you will not do this part.

C) Coaches choice core/accessory work

Home WOD

A) 5 rounds:
10/side single leg elevated glute bridges + 10 pause goblet squats
Rest 90 seconds after every round

B) 75 alt. db clean and jerks for time
C) Abs of choice