Wednesday, July 3rd 2019


A ) Find a heavy snatch in 20-25 minutes

B) Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes:
18/15 calorie row+ 5 touch & go power snatches @~50-60% 1RM
*For athletes with a lighter snatch 60-65% may be more appropriate


Today we find a 1 rep max snatch! The snatch is a very technical movement that requires a lot of mobility. Technique, speed and good positions will take you far in this lift. After you find a heavy single, you will drop down to a percentage of your 1 rep max for the workout. The weight should be doable but get challenging as the rounds go on. The intention of the workout is to work on efficient barbell cycling at a sub maximal weight when your heart rate is high. Try to get 60-90second rest after each round