Masters CrossFit

San Francisco CrossFit is now offering a group program specifically designed with older athletes in mind. San Francisco CrossFit Masters Program is not different from the standard CrossFit programming which is based on performing constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity (along with Olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning). The difference is in the average age of participating athletes and a heavy emphasis on the Mobility aspect of Kelly Starrett’s Movement and Mobility system.

CrossFit Masters is a sports training program designed to restore/improve mobility first and applies scalable CrossFit programming to improve performance and fitness.

  • Are you tired of feeling old and tired?
  • Have you noticed that your muscles are not what they used to be and you even need help opening a pickle jar
  • Do you have low energy?
  • Are your aches and pains forcing you to spend time on the sidelines?
  •  Do you feel lost and bored in your gym?
  • Do you feel like CrossFit is not for you because everything you know about CrossFit seems too advanced, difficult and intimidating?
  • Most importantly, do you want to get better and get the spring back in your step, but don’t know how?

Try our Masters program! It is spearheaded by our CrossFit Masters athlete and coach Elena Hudan. She discovered first hand the positive effects of Kelly Starrett’s Movement and Mobility system in combination with CrossFit.

Our approach to Masters Programming is Movement and Mobility first, CrossFit second. We will teach you how to resolve pain, overcome injuries, minimize the side effects of aging, restore your general physical capacity, re-learn movements, and, ultimately, regain control of your body. Try our program and we will help you to feel stronger, faster, and happier than you are right now.

Our CrossFit Masters program is spearheaded by San Francisco CrossFit Masters athlete and coach Elena Hudan.

Group Masters Classes

We offer a bi-weekly Masters Class that is open to all San Francisco CrossFit members who are over 40 years old or Masters 10-Class Pass holders. The class focuses on Movement and Mobility and a CrossFit Workout of the Day.

Prerequisites: Completion of a Basics Workshop or a private coaching Introduction to CrossFit Series.

Email Coach Elena to get started –

Private Masters Coaching

Private Masters Coaching is an effective way to improve your performance and reach your goals. Your coach will work with you to tailor your programming specifically for you. Per-session pricing varies depending on the nature of the programming but is generally between $85 and $125/hour.

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