Workout of the Day

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

Warm-up2 rounds of:40 jumping jacks30 second handstand hold5 tempo pushups5 halos/side 10 jump switch to perfect stretch10 bootstrapper squats + 5 tempo squats + 5 squat jacks Minimal Equipment 8am Bodyweight 10am Minimal Equipment WOD @ 4pm… Read more »

Tuesday, June 2nd 2020

Warm-up 1 minute couch stretch per side30 second pigeon stretch per side 20 reps of 2 side shuffle plus lateral hand touch20 PVC pipe/broomstick/jumprope pass throughs20 feet together/knee together squats. Every rep pull the arms to lockout overhead20 prisoner good… Read more »

Monday, June 1st 2020

Warm-up 2 rounds of:In perfect stretch, 8 knee extensions/ leg + 8 elbow to ground and twist/leg10 steps bear crawl forward + 10 steps bear crawl backward (straight legs)10 plank to bottom of squat8 windmills per side Minimal Equipment WOD… Read more »

Sunday, May 31st 2020

Functional Bodybuilding Warm-up:2 sets8/side Rotating Bird Dogs8/side Figure 4 to Pigeon8/side Rotational Curtsy Squat8/leg Split Zercher Rotations A1) Goblet Hunter Squat: 8-10 Reps/LegA2) Single Arm Pendlay Row: 8-10/arm; Rest 90sec x 3 Sets B1) Weighted Bench Dips: 12-15 RepsB2) Zercher… Read more »

Friday, May 29th 20206

Warm-up 2 rounds of:10 bird dogs + 20 bear crawl shoulder taps10 scorpions 10 prisoner kang squats20 second glute bridge hold10 arm circles forward/10 arm circles backward5 yoga pushups Minimal Equipment WOD Every 3 minutes for 36 minutes alternate between:… Read more »

Thursday, May 28th 2020

Warm-up 2 rounds of:20 plank shoulder taps + 10 scap pushups + 5 tempo pushups10 happy stars5/side leg kick into single leg deadlift10 cossack squats30 second bottom of squat hold with arms overhead5 inchworm to plank Minimal Equipment WOD @8am… Read more »