Workout of the Day

Friday, April 26th 2019

Crossfit A) 12 minute EMOM: 1) 8-15 kipping toes to bar 2) 5-10 strict ring dip 3) rest B) 60 wallballs50 cal row (sub bike erg)40 deadlifts (185/135lb)30 burpees over bar20 shoulder to overhead (135/95lb) 10 strict HSPU

Saturday, April 20th 2019

Crossfit Partner WOD 5 rounds of 40 cal row30 hand release pushups20 burpees over partner in a plank10 power clean + jerks (135/95lb) *35 minute time cap*Split up reps as desired. One person works at a time

Thursday, April 18th 2019

Crossfit A) Back squat 1×1 @90-95% 2×4@80-83% 2×8@ 70-73% B) 8 minute AMRAP: 8 alternating single arm db burpee clusters (50/35lb)8 toes to bar8 alternating db snatches Metcon Class 1500m row-5 rounds of (5 pullups-10 pushups-15 air squats)-1 mile run-5… Read more »