Dr. Kelly Starrett is one of the most influential strength and conditioning coaches that I have ever worked with. His understanding of my personal needs as related to the sport of rowing, as well as his overall knowledge, insight, and abilities are unparalleled. Kelly has a unique ability to teach the basic skills, as well as the ability to create high level programming specific to each individual athlete’s needs. His extensive formal education in physiology and professional elite athletic experiences, as well as his coaching credentials, makes him the most valuable resource available in the field of elite athletic training today. His enthusiasm is infectious and he definitely keeps you entertained and challenged! Coach Kelly has a unique and genuine ability to empower the athletes he works with. I’ve been truly amazed at the strength gains I’ve made while working with him and am excited to see what my athletic potential really is as we move forward together in our mutual careers.

Kelly, Adrian, Angel, Diane, Carl, and all the athletes at SFCF have helped me significantly in my journey to become an Olympic Gold Medalist in rowing. Their collective technical savvyness, passionate dedication, and competitive drive have all contributed to make me not just a better rower, but also a better athlete.

— Erin Cafaro, USA Olympic Rowing Team
2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist

I started with CrossFit five years ago after I suffered a low-back injury which caused me to miss work, impaired my sports play and limited my ability to lift, bend, stoop or carry heavy things. Three months of physical therapy – which focused on my “core” – failed to improve my condition. Then I started with CrossFit. CrossFit strengthened my entire body – not just my abdominal and low-back muscles, but also my hamstrings, gluteus, quadriceps and upper-body muscles. The exercises are varied and dynamic. One day I may flip a tractor tire, run shuttle runs and drag a sled, while the next day I may anchor a tug-of-war, lift weights and jump rope. The end result is improved functional movement. My improved strength and conditioning has enhanced every aspect of my life: I have more energy; I sleep better; I play sports without fear of injury; I can carry my kid; I can lift heavy flagstone and move large furniture. CrossFit can help anyone who wants to get stronger, avoid injury and live a more active life.

— Oliver Vallejo, Attorney, 36

I’ve been training at San Francisco CrossFit for about 2½ years. I’m a regular in the 6am class and for some reason, no matter how cold, wet or dark it is (or how warm my bed is), I keep coming back for more. Wait, I do know the reason. It’s the workouts (variety – you never know what you’re gonna get but it’s always a good time), the coaches (all different personalities and coaching styles, but equally amazing), and the results (I have to look at old pics to remind myself of how far I’ve come, but its far!). When I think about what I have with this group, it’s incredible. They care about every single person that comes to workout – they watch your form, they cheer you on, they push you to your limit, and they are SO smart about fitness and SO caring. Ladies, do not be intimidated. CrossFit is definitely not your grandma’s workout, but your grandma could do it… right alongside the Navy Seals, triathletes, and soccer moms. If you’re a recovering cardio junkie like me, throw in a couple CrossFit workouts every week and see what happens. Pretty cool.

— Katherine, 34

In my experience there are few coaches who have demonstrated not only the ability to understand and articulate fitness, but the ability to apply it to everything they do. San Francisco CrossFit demonstrates this on every single level… It is clear cut in the performance of its athletes and coaches. Kelly Starrett is my coach.

— Brian MacKenzie, CrossFit Endurance

I have spent a good deal of my life training in some way or another, and have been very lucky to have been exposed to a number of excellent strength and conditioning coaches since I was 16 years old. Kelly Starrett is one of the most well-rounded and knowledgeable people I have ever come across. He is an exceptional athlete who has experience on a world-class competitive level, not to mention a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. This is not some trainer at your local globo-gym who passed a 40 question multiple choice test. Who wouldn’t want to train with this guy? Plus SFCF has several other extremely knowledgeable coaches to boot! Crossfitting will change your idea of what fitness is for life. The CrossFit dogma is so appealing to me because it is applicable to all people of all ages, at all fitness and skill levels, and can be molded to help achieve the individual successes required of each athlete. It helped my sister get into better shape to win a gold medal in the Olympics, and it helps me stay fit and strong now in an hour or less a day 4-5 days a week. I am undoubtedly stronger than I was a year or two ago, and I spend half the time training than I did before. I never expected to find what I did at San Francisco CrossFit, and it has affected my life in uncountable positive ways both as an athlete and member of the community.

— J.D. Cafaro, 27

As a professional athlete, my job, and often my life, depend on my fitness. Having Kelly Starrett as a coach and mentor has allowed me to come off the couch in better shape than I have ever been in and crush my sporting events. Kelly’s training and knowledge have allowed me to be more efficient and maximize my time on and off the water. Simply put, having Kelly on your side is an advantage in whatever fitness goals you are looking to accomplish.

— Brad Ludden, Professional Kayaker – Nike/ACG