Workout of the Day

Saturday, July 4th 2020

Outdoor WODEvery 6 minutes for 30 minutes complete: 45 second plank on dbs8 renegade row pushups (40-50lb/30-35lb) 10 down up db deadlifts6 power clean and split jerks (155/105lb)20 tuck jumps*Power clean and split jerk weight should be a medium weight… Read more »

Friday, July 3rd 2020

Outdoor WOD 10-20-30-40-50 medball squat cleans (20/14lb) or (30/20lb) mountain climbers per sidebox jumps (24/20″)box handstand shoulder taps Then buy out with building lap run *35 minute time cap *Mountain climbers are per side, but shoulder taps are total reps…. Read more »