Workout of the Day

Wednesday, May 8th 2019

Crossfit A) Front squat: 4×5 *Start at a moderate weight and increase weight each set *Superset with 5-10 reps of gymnastics weakness of choice *Examples: pushups/pullups/dips/toes to bar/MU *20 minute time cap B) 14 minute AMRAP: 150m farmers carry-15 double… Read more »

Saturday, May 4th 2019

Crossfit Partner WOD: 100 double unders50 thrusters (95/65lb)Run 400m50 toes to barRun 400m100 pushupsRun 400m50 toes to barRun 400m50 thrusters (95/65lb)100 double unders *Split up reps as desired. One partner works at a time

Friday, May 3rd 2019

Crossfit A) Overhead squats: 4×5. Superset with 5-8 double kb snatches with weight of choice *From a swing, not the ground. *Scaling option: 5 kb snatches per arm B) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2- 1 strict pullup-heavy alternating db snatch (70/50lb)-kipping HSPU *Snatches are… Read more »

Saturday, April 27th 2019

Crossfit Partner WOD:*One partner works for 1 full minute, while other rests, then the other partner must work for 1 full minute while the other rests200 calorie row 150 alternating db snatches (50/35lb) or (35/25lb)200 burpees *36 minute time cap