Workout of the Day

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

Warm-up2 rounds of:40 jumping jacks30 second handstand hold5 tempo pushups5 halos/side 10 jump switch to perfect stretch10 bootstrapper squats + 5 tempo squats + 5 squat jacks Minimal Equipment 8am Bodyweight 10am Minimal Equipment WOD @ 4pm… Read more »

Tuesday, June 2nd 2020

Warm-up 1 minute couch stretch per side30 second pigeon stretch per side 20 reps of 2 side shuffle plus lateral hand touch20 PVC pipe/broomstick/jumprope pass throughs20 feet together/knee together squats. Every rep pull the arms to lockout overhead20 prisoner good… Read more »

Monday, June 1st 2020

Warm-up 2 rounds of:In perfect stretch, 8 knee extensions/ leg + 8 elbow to ground and twist/leg10 steps bear crawl forward + 10 steps bear crawl backward (straight legs)10 plank to bottom of squat8 windmills per side Minimal Equipment WOD… Read more »

Sunday, May 31st 2020

Functional Bodybuilding Warm-up:2 sets8/side Rotating Bird Dogs8/side Figure 4 to Pigeon8/side Rotational Curtsy Squat8/leg Split Zercher Rotations A1) Goblet Hunter Squat: 8-10 Reps/LegA2) Single Arm Pendlay Row: 8-10/arm; Rest 90sec x 3 Sets B1) Weighted Bench Dips: 12-15 RepsB2) Zercher… Read more »

Friday, May 29th 20206

Warm-up 2 rounds of:10 bird dogs + 20 bear crawl shoulder taps10 scorpions 10 prisoner kang squats20 second glute bridge hold10 arm circles forward/10 arm circles backward5 yoga pushups Minimal Equipment WOD Every 3 minutes for 36 minutes alternate between:… Read more »

Thursday, May 28th 2020

Warm-up 2 rounds of:20 plank shoulder taps + 10 scap pushups + 5 tempo pushups10 happy stars5/side leg kick into single leg deadlift10 cossack squats30 second bottom of squat hold with arms overhead5 inchworm to plank Minimal Equipment WOD @8am… Read more »

Tuesday, May 26th 2020

Warm-up2x20 PVC/broomstick/jumprope pass throughs30 seconds/side pigeon stretch15/side leg swings10 Alt. perfect stretch, step back to down dog between each rep30 second handstand hold 10 bridge ups20 jumping jacks Minimal Equipment WOD 22 minute AMRAP for quality(controlled tempo throughout)With right arm… Read more »