Workout of the Day

Monday, April 15th 2019

CrossfitA) 4 rounds for quality: back rack weighted box step ups 8/leg (20/18″ box)100ft upside down kb carry (50ft/arm)db suitcase deadlifts 8/side *20 minute time cap B) 12 minute alternating EMOM: 1) 5 (unbroken) touch & go power clean +… Read more »

Saturday, April 13th 2019

Partner WOD: 100 power cleans (95/65lb) 100 front squats100 push jerks100 front rack lunges*EMOM both partners must perform 5 burpees (including first minute) *30 minute time cap *Partners split up reps as desired. One person works at a time except… Read more »

Saturday, April 6th 2019

Crossfit 24 minute alternating EMOM: Max reps at each station 1) alternating db snatches (50/35lb) 2) burpees 3) alternating single arm db clusters 4) box jump overs 5) single arm OH db lunges 6) rest

Thursday, April 4th 2019

Crossfit A) Back squat (deloadish week) 1×1@85-90% 2×4@ 70% 2×8@60% B) 12 minute AMRAP: 9 power cleans (95/65lb) -9 pullups-9 box jumps-27 double unders Rx-Plus 115/75lb Metcon Class  A) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 db devils press-db front squat (35-45/25-30lb) Rest 5-10 minutes B)… Read more »