Open for Business!

Posted Friday, March 13th.
If anything changes, we’ll update you via this page and social media.

Hello members and friends,

With last night’s news fresh on everyone’s minds, we wanted to reassure you that we have zero plans on closing the gym unless required to do so by The Presidio

With the work and school closures around the City we know how much you value having a place to train and see friends. Plus, it turns out that being healthy and fit is the best way to boost one’s immune system and counter stress. So we encourage you to keep moving, get plenty of rest, and do some deep breathing exercises during these chaotic times.

If we all follow these guidelines, we can keep SFCF up and running for the duration:

  1. Stay home if you’re sick! It may be a cold, it may not be – either way, please don’t risk infecting our community. 
  2. If you are concerned about an immunocompromised family member in your household, please consider staying home out of an abundance of caution. This does not only apply to the gym, but to all public places – just in case!
  3. Practice social distancing – as much as we can in this environment, rethink the hugs, partner stretches, high fives, and equipment sharing. Elbow bumps are the new fist bumps – just in case.
  4. Wipe down all of your equipment before you put it back. Dumbbells, barbells, wall balls, abmats, kettlebells, mobility tools, etc. Wipes are available, and we have a backstock too. If you see the dispenser is out, please let us know!
  5. We will continue to increase our cleaning at SFCF. Our cleaning crew will be doubling their efforts until the end of the outbreak. We will also be sanitizing all door handles and common areas throughout the day to cut down on transmission risks.
  6. Wash your hands! Often. And if you’ve been out and about before the gym, please wash them when you arrive.

Thank you for your continued support of our small business, our coaches and staff – we are thrilled to continue our service to you – our SFCF family.

– Your friends at SFCF