Monday, July 8th 2019


A) 12 minute EMOM:
1) 4-8 strict ring dips + 10-15 second hold at top
2) 5 strict ttb + 10-15 second L-hang
3) 30 seconds superman hold
B) 1 minute max cal sprint on machine of choice
Rest 2 minutes
Then 30-20-10
kb weighted box step-ups (24/20″)
plank kb drag throughs
Then rest 1 minute. Then 1 minute max cal sprint
*18 minute time cap
*Use 1 53/35lb kb for all exercises.

WOD Notes

Tomorrows metcon starts and end with a 1 minute sprint on a machine of your choice. Go hard and see if you can match the calories on the second try when your body is more tired. In the middle portion of the workout, the step ups will elevate the heart rate and then the shoulders and core will be taxed on the next two movements. Make sure you are focusing on high quality reps on the kb plank drag throughs and pushups. On the drag throughs, keep the butt down, shoulders over the hands and resist any lateral rotation. On the pushups, touch the chest and fully lock out on every rep. Once you meet those standards, then you can start to increase the speed of the movements.