Tuesday, July 9th 2019


A) Back squat
Find a heavy set of 6
Then do 2-3×6 @ ~90% of heavy 6
*25 minute cap
B) 10 minute AMRAP:
4 strict pullups-8 hang power cleans (135/95lb)-30 double unders

WOD Notes

The reps in the metcon today are on the smaller side, so the goal is to keep moving for the entire 10 minutes without getting stuck on any movement. If 4 strict pull-ups is hard, consider two sets of two or four quick singles. The hang power cleans should be done in one or two sets. Use your legs efficiently on the power cleans so you don’t over pull because you’ll need them for the pull-ups.

Metcon Class

A) 2 rounds of
Run 800m loop (up and down hill)-40 wallballs
Rest approx 5 minutes
B) 3 rounds of
Run 400m-15 db GTOH (35/25lb)
C) Coaches choice