Corrine Brenner Dimitruk

Corrine’s path toward fitness may sound familiar. She participated in sports (track and cross country) during school. Afterwards, Corrine would typically run 3-6 miles/day or glide away on the elliptical machine, with the occasional weightlifting day. Years went by and she still felt that, after all those hours of hard work, her fitness level wasn’t reflecting her efforts. She wasn’t seeing any results. Working out was a daily chore.

Then in October 2007, Corrine was introduced to CrossFit and the results began to flood in. With CrossFit’s approach of making each workout uniquely varied and randomized, working out had become fun again. But what Corrine found most surprising about discovering CrossFit was that the physical results, as amazing as they were, were only part of the package. Fellow athletes and coaches forged bonds through their daily efforts, struggles, failures and triumphs. Corrine realized she was participating in something more meaningful and more important than a fitness regime. With this realization, Corrine decided to put her law career on the sidelines (she passed the February 2008 California Bar Exam!) and focus on pursuing her career as a CrossFit Trainer.

As a CrossFit Level I Certified Personal Trainer, Corrine is dedicated to giving others the opportunity to find what she discovered at San Francisco CrosSFit: a sense of well-being that can only come from finding true life-sustaining fitness and community. Corrine is available for personalized training as well as small group training including a Women’s-Only Group class.

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