Roop Sihota


Combining his unfaltering positive attitude, an infinite amount of energy and an infectious personality, Roop began to inspire others to fulfill a mutual desire to be fit, athletic and live the healthiest lifestyle possible well before joining the ranks of San Francisco CrosSFit. Roop’s genuine care about individual needs is apparent in his specifically tailored training programs as he goes beyond the confinements of the gym/weight room and reaches out to better each person in all aspects of life, from the physical, to the nutritional, mental and emotional.

Roop is currently pursuing a Doctoral of Physical Therapy from Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California. Roop’s focus is to use manual therapy in conjunction with dynamic strength training to get athletes on to the path of elite level performance. Through his knowledge of how the body biomechanically functions, Roop is able to use movement as a diagnostic tool to limit the risk of a sports related injury even before the first signs of pain or discomfort. Roop’s clients have included both chronic and acute pain sufferers, those suffering from traumatic debilitating injuries, in addition to high level athletes. His clients have seen remarkable reduction in pain as well as improvement in overall performance in a matter of a few sessions. His belief that pain should not limit your ability to do anything you want to do and his motivational tactics has helped many athletes reach goals they never thought were possible.

Roop’s current CrossFit certifications include: Level I, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Endurance, and Football. Having a “I want to know more” mindset, Roop is constantly increasing his knowledgebase through many CrossFit certifications, continual collaboration with coaches around the world, as well as reading everything he can get his hands on. This allows Roop to continual improve his craft and bring that much more to his clients.

Roop’s goal is to inspire and encourage everyone to live life to the fullest and therefore shares his viewpoint that one should train hard, eat right, learn to indulge properly, and don’t forget to laugh!

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