Thursday, January 3rd 2018


A) 7×3 front squat. Go every 2 minutes. 3 second pause on 1st rep

*Last week of these, so challenge yourself to go heavier.

B) For time:


alternating db snatch (70/50lb)-burpee box jump

*Db snatches are total reps so some rounds you will do an uneven number on each side.


30/24″ box

Metcon Class

A) For time:

50 wallballs

50 pullups (or ring rows)

50 single arm db hang clean and press (50/35lb)

50 wallballs

*Switch arms every 5 reps with dumbbell

Rest 5-10 minutes

B) 3 rounds for time of :

Row 500m-30 lateral hops over erg